I decided to play the 5,000 A Week for Life Sweepstakes for fun but it turned out to be more like an aggravation. I go through the process, I confirm my entry, I act now, but the next day I STILL receive an email saying I have forfeited my entry because I failed to confirm.

It said the day before I was confirmed? But today I'm not? Obviously it is rigged for you to never truly enter and I can't figure out where to confirm my entry since the confirmations I see are false. Save yourself the frustration, no matter how bored you are...

just don't bother. It's waste of your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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My flip and win came up an ace=$1000 but then quickly flipped over to a 7=7000 points,what a blatant case of switching down! I have seen this many times on pch games,they are a rip off!!!!


I agree i play the same games oer and over


This is a giant scam that they send to old & low income people hoping they're either too feeble to notice it's a scam or too poor to care. PCH just wants money for their *** products that they push on you thru their contests.

The only reason they have contests is to push all that *** on unsuspecting people. They use weekly amounts that when added up make the products anything but cheap, in fact they are over-priced and poor quality.

They dog you for the money and then NEVER send the products... This is a FLAT OUT SCAM!!!!


They also have alot of young and wealthy people playing the games as well. Stupidity doesn't discriminate.