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I had more than one situation with them one being they said I won $5 when I accepted my application disappeared every time I win something my phone for somehow reasons closes out and I had 5 extra spins only spun one they're all gone when I come back show me today December 19th 2017 I have the application let me remind you it's not online for the first time and even the man on the front line told me he never seen nothing like this or heard of anything like this it told me to collect my funds which was for $10,000 I won't be upset for $10,000 it's a lie mentally is disturbing it really is I'm not money hungry but if it says collect funds for $10,000 I want to know where it's at and who got it because I don't and fun doesn't mean it was calling means money I'm not retarded I wish I could have took a picture of it but I didn't think it would lie to me I could screenshot but I will give you proof I have the apps on my phone if you would like

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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