Birmingham, Alabama
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Its just a matter of time! Its my harvest time!!!

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Yeah, I hear you. I keep praying and begging God to win just enough money so that I can buy myself a good home to live in.

I would be extremely overjoyed just to win enough to buy a cheap house. It seems like all of the people who win the Super-Prize have already enjoyed their harvest and are living in lavish homes and have real nice cars and everything that they could want. Just for once, I'd like to see someone who is extremely poor win the Super-Prize.

But how can these poor people ever expect to win, when they are so poor that they never order anything. It is so sad.


It states on the bottom of every entry submission form, no purchase necessary to win and a purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Trust me I know cause I've been entering for many years. **ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT AT THE BOTTOM**