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I have played the PCH over the last 40 years; always get the mailers, but never played online. I have never won.

I have done both bought stuff (low in quality; but served its purpose) and played without purchase. I think it is more for the idea of the possibility of winning than actually winning. I do not know any person who has won; so I do not expect to win. What I am saying is why get mad about not winning when it is all a game of chance.

Don't purchase a bunch of things without paying, it will only frustrate you more as you come across those things you have to find places for; and frustration with being harassed by collectors. Trust me it would make you an even BIGGER loser.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: It is fun to play.

Publishers Clearing House Pros: Fun of playing.

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I totally agree with u I've been entering since I've been 18 yrs of age and now I'm 62 never won a Penney I also bought so many items.thru the years. Every single time I receive in the US mail they say oh it looks like u really want 2 win.

Some of the mailers if u notice say if u r not ordering don't mail this . funny huh!!!!

Ur better off playing the lottery. I'm done totally