PCH makes their money by selling your information to advertisers. Their emails at the bottom say they care about your privacy, which is clear bs since their ad nosium practice of shoving ads down your throat even as an elite member shows they really don't care about your or anyone's privacy.

HOWEVER, their disclaimers at the bottom of their page has an option to "Do not sell my information" available to opt out. Sure, they'll hate you for it and you won't even win the chance to even play. Yup, they track every move you make online. Got their scouts out stalking you at your house parking and just sitting there.

Every time I recieved an email from Todd Sloan to win an entry is when the real trouble starts. Now I have the hardest time logging into my email. Some crazy *** going on. It stops after a while but it's just annoying when they say a limited time for entries.

IT techs are manipulating the games as you play and it's around the clock. Regular day hours run smooth but after management hours, like any company, second shift and overnight shift are just the *** people to deal with. They get bored too. But to take it out on consumers is abuse.

Their ads have become disgusting with sex and death that you just dread going to their site to play what is no longer considered family friendly. Cheap crap sold really builds an atmosphere and culture of vulturism, just to see how much we want to win.

Watch the movie Requiem for a Dream if you have the stomach. That's a reality check of the advertising world in its raw form.

User's recommendation: Send pch emails to spam folder.

Location: Flushing, New York

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Signing up with PCH was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. They sell your information to hundreds of advertising companies.

From day one to now a year later, I receive hundreds of emails from companies I’ve never heard of. Most of them are impossible to unsubscribe.



No truer words were ever said.

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