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I signed up for the Win $5,000 a week sweepstakes.Had to go through 5 pages of ads first.

But once it was over I thought, "I'm entered! I have a chance to win!" Wrong. I got emails everyday saying: In order to claim you're prize you must do this, this and this. All of theses links we're followed by numerous ads.

And the last link I recieved trailed me to a dead end ad and I couldn't verify my entry.

Even though I had already verified 20+ times before.Publishers Clearing House is a scam!

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I have won PCH and now live on a private island in the Maldives, thanks PCH!

Central Falls, Rhode Island, United States #741741

38 years of loyally playing their games of chance, buying things (junk) from them too. Not a single penny won, all I ever win is the right to enter yet another contest. Imagine that, 38 yrs on a daily basis!


PCH IS A SCAM.I stopped entering along time ago.PCH product is cheap and It does not meet my expectation's.None of the vehicle product's work.I wrote PCH a letter and Informed them that their product is garbage and That they need to stop selling it.PCH refunded my money and I have never brought anything from PCH SINCE THAT TIME.Save your money.You will never win with PCH.SCAM FOR REAL.COM ON NOW.WTF.PCH NEED'S TO BE MONITORED FOR FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.


I have been playing for a long luck yet?? I have a dream....too!!!!

Do we really WIN money any time soon???? :(


Its a scam they say you can win but its a lie they select whoeve they want as a winner and most likely it wont be you


Im verified to win! :p


You can enter PCH every day of your life and never buy a thing from them.It's also very unlikley you'll ever win anything either.

If you want to continue, just learn to wade through the pages and pages of ads to get to the final entry page.If you have the time to read their ads and clean out your SPAM folder in your email, and the inclination to do so, it is harmless.


I join the PCH around 12 years, and I bought many things from them.Once, I bought their pendant and my skin was burned.

Additionally I did not any win with their competitions and I was getting poor. I am addicted this PCH competitions and my children are very angry. They said PCH is scam and should not buy any more, but I want a win.

If you know how to win, please let me know?I cannot believe my children’s idea, because PCH do commercials on the TV.


Do you know why they do that?They get paid everytime you look or fill anything out.

They will be the ones getting paid not you sadly...They will sell your info too


Sorry but you are wrong. Each enryt you submit is vailid and is another chance to win.

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