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I have been wasting my time everyday for hours and for six months and can't even win a MacDonald gift card. They send me dozens of things to do each day and from what I can tell it's all for nothing.

My time is very valuable and I have almost stopped wasting it on what seems to be a joke. Does anyone really win?? I can't see where it even tells us when we should find the winner sometimes not even a date to look for.

What kind of company does this.You send me dozens of things each day, search, play 10 games, and when I finish that days items I look and there are a dozen more!!!!!. wow Please explain to me what is going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Fed up with PCH as well! Have played for ten years and I haven't won one red cent but they ave sent me things in the mail that I did not order. It's all a hoax!


I have been wasting my time for many years and have never won a dime. I'm beginning to believe it is all fixed as to who will be the next winner.

I am losing my trust in PCH.You would think since 2008 I could win something. It is a joke!AnnaMarie Holloman