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It's kind of insulting that after spending hundreds of hours playing over a period of months and months, that they send you a check for $10. And all of their games are stupid, because they are computer programmed so that you can't win, and if you look up the odds it says that the odds of winning one of the Instant Win Games is 1 in 133 Million.

They're games are just like the Carnival Games in real life where they are rigged so that it is nearly impossible to win. When I was growing up I used to play basketball every day and could make a hoop every time from anywhere in the yard from all distances, but when I would go to the carnival, i never could make it one time, because it was rigged so that even if Michael Jordan or Shaq tried to make a hoop, it would bounce back. And The Publisher's Clearinghouse Scam Games are run the same way.

I hope people keep suing PCH until they either go out of business, or the government shuts them down for the Fraud and Menace to Society that they are. God Bless America!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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pch should be shut down . Once people learn that the games are a joke , perhaps people will stop buying from them and shut them down. maybe the system will self distruct.