Orlando, Florida
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Constant hang-ups right at the end of a sequence of games. They refuse to fix or answer complaints.

What a bunch of charlatans! Yes, I know they make money by advertising stuff but they need to be investigated for abuse of senior citizens. Let's start with the claim "you can win this month." Has anyone ever counted the number of months there have been no winners due to their astronomical census based numbering scheme? Where is the Department of Justice when we need them?

Senior citizen abuse. Senior citizen abuse. Senior citizen abuse.

Senior citizen abuse. Senior citizen abuse!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also think PCH makes it difficult to play their games because they hang up. PCH knows this but has not corrected their code to prevent the fault.

Since youngsters don't play such games of fall for the cons they offer from As Seen On TV ads, it is senior citizen abuse. I can buy what they sell at Wal-Mart and save the shipping cost.