Obviously, this is a problem for many people. Your "TOKEN GAMES" do not download when you go to play them.

Either you get the first game and then the rest won't let you play or you spend hours waiting for the game to download and then a sign comes up "There has been an error and game cannot download-come back tomorrow. THE LEAST YOU COULD DO is-if I am *** enough to believe you really could win something-even a $50.00 Dunkin Donuts Card is make the games quicker to download and available. It would be greatly appreciated.

You are making money for your company so wouldn't it be wise to make sure the site works!

Getting ready to never order or play anything again.

How about an actual response to this issue-you have my information. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Did the people who did obamacare set up your site also?


The game Mahogany will not play properly at least 75% of the time, the whole game through has malfunctions. Please check this problem, and hopefully get it fixed ASAP.

would love to continue playing, but, it does alot, alot, alot of cheating.

Thank You

Virginia Keiser