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Look at all my other posts DragonRI of Central Falls. I had written many reviews, comments and replies to posts about PCH. Now that I officially signed up, I cannot access all my other posts. PCH is a huge scam and I hope the people will wake up and stop playing their *** scamming games! I thought this letter I found on ripoffreportdot com to be very interesting:Dear Publsher's Clearing House, Who is Trudy Dinkins?

I have been receiving emails from Publisher's Clearing House for a number of years now, and on a daily basis. Over the last few years I have received a number of emails informing me that if I do not respond, the entry number assigned to me will be given to another person, namely one Trudy Dinkins. And, should this entry number turn out to be a prize-winning one, than said prize will be awarded to Ms. Dinkins in lieu of me.

For the first several of such emails, Trudy Dinkins was said to be a former PCH prize winner and that she hailed from Gallantin, Tennessee. One day, a couple of years ago, I received another one of these entry emails. However, this time, Ms. Dinkins was clearly stated to be a resident of Revere, Massachusetts.

Every email I have received like this one since has returned Ms. Dinkins to Gallantin, except the last one I received a few months ago which quite clearly (and suspiciously, in my opinion) failed to list her place of residence.

The last email of importance here I received over this past weekend. PCH is notorious for providing links in their entry emails to allow one to view a video of their most recent prize winning moment. I had been anticipating one for a couple of months: accoring to PCH, a $5000-for-Life prize was supposed to have been awarded on November 30, 2012. The video for this - and all others like it - should have been viewable through such an email link as mentioned above in about a fortnight. However, no such video was ever indicated.

This latest link concerns me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the winning moment was supposed to have been videotaped on Sunday, January 13, 2013. Again with daily emails from PCH, this struck me as odd as I was not aware of any prize being awarded on that date. Secondly, the video link contained a photograph which one would have supposed was taken on the occasion: two PCH Prize Patrol employees standing on either side of the prize winner who was holding one of their infamous "big cheques." What really surprised me in this photograph was the prize recepient herself. She was clearly the SAME woman I had been seeing in various emails from PCH for years now. She was none other than - you guessed it - Trudy Dinkins!

I have a few observations to draw from these emails. Firstly, if one fails to enter the contest as requested, and the entry number is clearly indicated as marked for an identifiable alternate individual, is this not tantamount to fixing the contest? Secondly, why is PCH inconsistent about the residential location of Ms. Dinkins? Does she reside in Gallantin, Tennessee or in Revere, Massachusetts? And thirdly, why was Ms. Dinkins clearly shown in a video link as the prize winner of a PCH contest that was not, to my knowledge, ever announced?

I believe it is time, Publisher's Clearing House, to come clean about Trudy Dinkins.

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It's all about ad revenue. Try googling names of these so-called winners. You wont find information on anyone of these people.


My Name is Bill Dinkins. I am the husband of Trudy Dinkins.

Trudy passed away in 2015. She indeed did win the PCH prize in about the early 2000's. She was chosen at that time as an alternate winner. Just as you described, if the winning number was not returned she would receive the prize.

About two years later we had forgotten the deal because we thought the contest would already be over and we hadn't heard anything. One night Danielle Lamb called my wife at home and informed her the winning number had indeed NOT been returned and Trudy was the recipient of that prize. A substantial amount of money someone would have had if they had returned that number. We enjoyed both prizes.

So YES PCH does pay out if you return all of the numbers, There really was a Trudy Dinkins, Our Address was in Gallatin, Tn.

and It is all a matter of record. Thank You.


Does publishers clearing house collect taxes on prize money before awarding same. I had a call from a guy who wants $900 in order to deliver my wonderful prize.

Please please tell me- is tis routine?JANICE. 602 618 3320


who ever wins these "for life ' prizes?? how can pch be held accountable??


Claim my entry proof of card


Never an "O" in bingo game, AND repeat letters frequently!


They added a new game to pch slots called "casino". I've been playing it since they started this game which allows 1x per day.

The game is definitely rigged! A several times when I have spinned, the wheel will go counter clockwise. Then I noticed whenever it stops on any cash amount, it will stay on the cash amount from 7 to 12 seconds, then the wheel re-spins on it's own counter clockwise.

So that proves that they are not going to let you win until they are ready to allow a winner This friggen company, pch, entices people to play their games , making you think you might win. But really, the more you play their games, the more times you are submitting your info which in turn is sold, traded or given to marketeers working w/pch.


oops, i meant clockwise on initial spin, if lands on cash prize, then it spins on its own counter-clockwise




I had asked directly to PCH about this several weeks ago. Somewhere inth is forum under "Still no letter o-pch" I had posted their response.

Basically, they told me that they do, in fact hold back the letter o. Told me that just before or immediately after the current game cycle ( ends on saturdays) is when the O is released. Interpreted by me: They determine when to release letter O/you do not have a fair chance of winning. I noticed the pot never goes above 2999.00 either.

They also claimed, when I saw the money amount reset back to zero, and asked them how come it isn't listed in the winners list that 4 people won and the post was divided 632. each and that they cannot list them until they got back affidavits from the winners. That was almost 2 mos ago and there is no listing of 4 632, winners.

To boot, I have asked on several times for an explanation about the post on ripoff report dot come about Trudy Dinkins. Each response to that issue was, " We are investigating and will get back to you" and my inquiries began around 2 mos ago.


I have been playing this annoying game for almost a year now and I was under the understanding the grand prize was supposed to be on Nov 30/13. I have emailed them, but never get a response.

This is really getting to be over the top.