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Winner ken merrell winner pch febuary 23 2018 FOREVER PRIZE EVENT ENTRY 8800

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You trick people into buying magazines and you NEVER GET ANYTHING!!!!!!!!


I have won two $10 checks and one $5 Amazon gift card.


can PCH tell you how many entries you have in each year. or do all your entries only revolve around one number assigned to your name?


i keep getting the things in the mail . all it does is increase your billing.

Before you know it you owe them 300 dollars.

They lay on the guilt if you don't buy something.Please stop sending me your mailings and insisting i buy something. Don't do it you are wasting your time if you buy from them

to sandra alzeq #1440805

geez. You let them make you feel guilty and then complain when you buy the stuff??




Was there a forever super prize winner for sweepstakes 8800 giveway?? Was it the woman from Pennsylvania?

to Leah wise #1437230

I that's what I was told too.


The post on Feb 19th has the 2/23/18 winner's name and address (the whole address)--where's the privacy!

to TL #1437005

I thought a Snyder won for Feb 28th 2018, from Pennsylvania? My husband saw it tonight on NBC.

Not safe or ethical to have whole address out in open in public and how is it announced on the 19th of Feb? It was not to be shown LIVE until the 23rd?


PCH is {{Redacted}}. I have been doing their entries since the 80's and never won a damn thing.

False dreams and false hopes of winning anything and winning their games are bull *** getting a gift card is bull *** also. I have not seen anyone from Alabama win a damn thing.

to David Evans #1436859

Look at the odds. They are way worse than Powerball.

Something like 1 in 2 billion. You'll never win .....................

to JC #1436927

I’ve been “in it” since 1982.How depressing is that? Js

to JC #1441154

But I won 2000 on the power Ball and only played it 7 times. Never won anything from PCH and my mother is 96 yrs young playing since I can remember nothing she has won nothing...I give up to much money on stamps .

to David Evans #1436867

I'm with you David, I have ordered so much useless stuff thinking that would help my chances.....no more ...I'm done. They build you up as the time gets closer ...like you will probably be one of the winners....no more. The money I have spent on postage and the orders could have gone to the Lottery and had a better chance ....at least get my postage $ back.

to Anonymous #1437011

It says right on all the paperwork that buying things does not increase your chances of winning.

to Anonymous #1456667

Why don’t you enter online?

to David Evans #1436922

A woman from Silas, Alabama won the $5,000.00 a week for life prize in 2015.

to David Evans #1437004

I have also done this since Feb 1988 and so over 30 years. Have not won yet.

But they have so many people doing this and so it is hard to win. I keep dreaming and thinking it will be me, and get up extra early ( every time) and just wait ( stupid I am) We are retired now ( My husband and I) I feel I am crazy, when no one comes from Publishers Clearing House and wasting my time ! Yet guess we all need a dream?Like their products and always happy with them, but am ready to stop dreaming about it, and making a fool of myself. My family makes fun of me.

they remind me of "how long I have been doing this and think I will win" Maybe it is time to just do it and not dream anymore? Need to change tactic maybe?I just keep thinking it must be me!! Get SO EXCITED and WAIT! Guess that is what we are to believe?

After all anyone can win ,but we do have too much competition. Sometimes the people who win seem to not even know they ever bought anything or tried. They are just confused about how they won . .

LOL They were at work perhaps and just no remembering anything about it, so it seems anyway. Maybe family did it and never told them?With us, it may be our only way to survive old age. Nice independent Senior apartments have outrageous prices, for people who worked hard, but did not make a large amount of money, as maybe they did not live in a big city!Well, when I get over depression right now;(and yet happy for those who won), but after awhile I will try again, I guess? Just must stop getting myself so excited in thinking I would win.

Thinking we can get things arranged for a nicer life to live , up to the end, not bothering family, as they cannot help us . I think many are like us...?Thirty years of dedication, is a very long time. But dreams can come true for some! Guess we need to dream, if we are not too disappointed when we loose?Good luck for next time, and pray you will think same way for me.

Your post moved me to respond as feel you are thinking similar to me, and length of time you have participated is about the same? .Guess after so many years, it is time for us to win!?

Our names must be in there alot! LOL

to David Evans #1471977

I've ben playin 20yrs and haven't won a damn thing!! I'm done. Waste of time!

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