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Friday night 9/16/16, about 1130, I got a pop-up window announcing that I was the "VIP Grand Prize Winner" in the amount of $10,000.00.12 Hours later I received an email from Customer Service "We Apologize for Our Mistake," informing ME (a female) that my name had been inserted into the announcement & sent to ME by mistake because they had "mistaken" me for a MAN in California.

The email was vague about what they actually did, it was dismissive and condescending and literally brushed off MY win for his. Little do they know I took a digital picture of that pop-up and am filing numerous charges against them for this, since they appear to be stonewalling me about communicating with me!

I placed a copy on the PC & kept the original on the camera card to PROVE I did NOT alter this thing.I want my 10K CHECK and a PUBLIC APOLOGY from these people!

This reviewer shared experience about "how would you feel if someone lied to you about $10k??? " and wants this business to "i want my $10,000.00 prize check and an apology!" as the author lost $10000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Publishers Clearing House and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I been playing for years never won but they had sent a email where I thought I won.I don't believe PCH anymore I'm getting to old to keep playing games.

They should be ashamed how they keep doing this to people putting hopes up and nothing.Times are hard why make it harder.

Saint Charles, Illinois, United States #1355122

My name is Theodore Van Nuys and I'm not turning my back on PCH I will be the next winner of PCH and I'm never going to give up so all of you people who are crying about not winning good luck with that they want to see how much you want to be a winner of PCH never stop playing and submitting all entries is the key to be a million Nair and you can take that to the Bank

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #1333088

It has been nearly a year and NOTHING has been done about this by ANY of the FOUR AG offices I sent all this documentation to.So disgusting!!!

Big Business can treat people any way they desire: lying & cheating...and get away with it!SO DISAPPOINTED with everyone here!!!

to RosaLindaLuttrell #1422479

Same with crooked politicians like Hillary Clinton, The little people like us would go to jail if we try this same thing. money corrupts and all they want is your time to waste making them money from ads on their sites.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1265440

I absolutely hate that PCH gives money away on The a Price is Right!I have been entering PCH contest since 1975!

I have actually won $5.00 from them which is more than most! I believe that when you enter, your entry is assigned a number. So why are these people walking away with $20,000.00 each? Cheap advertising?

I will probably go to my grave waiting for them to knock on my door! Good thing I like some of the items they sell. I do order at times.

Otherwise, I would stop waisting my time.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1221656

A pop up?

So, how did they know who you are by just sending a pop up?

Sounds more as though folks were phishing for personal information.

First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #1220471

Same thing happened to me sort of, I got an email saying that someone wanted to sell me a bridge in Brooklyn. Never got the bridge. Paid lots of money never got the bridge.

Sanford, Maine, United States #1217251

same thing but they said it was sent in error and was for a female in Florida i think its a scam i would not use PCH to win anything as even if you win something they will not allow you

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #1215918

Same thing happened to my husband. Don't know if anything can be done about it.

Delmar, New York, United States #1215275

SAme thing happened to me and many others. What can we do?

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