Boston, Massachusetts
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i can never understand how they can send elderly person a letter making her think she won.with her name ect my 80yr old aunt waited all day yesterday on a bench for publiser clerance house to come.she was sure she won.what a shame.i could not tell her any diffrent she did this from 8am-8pm can you blame her ?the letter said some one in boston they notified the local news gas station and flower shop all with her name.the elderly take these things to heart and am so upset with this and wish they would stop.

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just a come on , total bs


I fully agree!


I don't like the way PCH gives people false hope. I'm fed up with all the BS they tell people.

I been searching on front page pch search and win. It says there is so many ways to win. I also been playing pch lotto. I have never won a penny on those games.

I have been trying to win a prize from PCH for years!

And I have nothing to show for. It's a very discouraging feeling.


Only the silly and ignorant get taken in by this. Anyone with common sense would know that if you won millions of dollars they would send someone to you in person immediately, not notify you by junk mail.


PCH told me that I had won a watch and some magazines and they charged me 68 dollars for the magazine and I still have not received it..They better give me back my money! :cry


They even sent me a map of where i live. and said some one with my intials was going to win.

well i new better because I had been getting the same letter for years, also my wife got the same letter, we just laughed at it. we knew it was a scam to sell their junk stuff.