Braintree, Massachusetts
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I canceled lay away account no. 26299637 for refund in writing, twice, and no refund!

I can prove how much is owed to me,all receipts accounted for. So, stop screwing with the people that keep you in business and send my refund or there will be legal actions next. On July 9 2010, money order no. 006832483161 amount$30.00, also, on July 9 2010, money order no.

006832483162, amount $20.00 and on July 30 2010, money order no.

006832483176, amount $26.00, and on July 30 2010, money order no.,006832483177, amount $14.00. Total of $90.00 should be refunded to me immediately.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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I'm a bit confused here, you need to pay for things by putting them on layaway, but you are threatening "legal actions" which are very expensive.




Rumors are Emily Johnson is a signature on a piece of paper. Meaning she doesn't exist.


Hello all,

Lyndon is correct - Publishers Clearing House does not offer a layaway program. The layaway orders you are referring to may have been placed through Sweepstakes Clearing House in Texas. Publishers Clearing House is not affiliated with this company and we recommend that you contact them directly at 1-800-762-3302.


Emily Johnson


I have been paying on a stero on lawaway through PCH I've sent my payment in monthly they would send me a bill now that I'm cose to paying it off haven't recieved anything in the mail to summit another payment and I'm haveing trouble contacting anyone about this can anybody help


PCH does not offer any layawy offers.