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I love entering pch sweepstakes amd games but playing opened up so many websites that my gmail acct was bombarded with so much spam that it ceated some security issus major issues and i have been so upset after playing for so long that i might be disqualified for all the security and privacy issues i had . I pray it hasnt .. because no matter what i keep playimg to blessed " TO WIN IT ALL

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Every time that you go onto the PCH website to desperately try to win some money, you are risking having your computer infected with the numerous Malware Viruses that the site is infected with. Also many of the advertisements use clickjacking attempts to try to rip you off.

And the greatest threat of all is from PCH itself trying to rip you off by making you think you should order from them beacuse they're being so nice letting you enter the contests.

My whole life, My mama ordered tons and tons of Crap from PCH, So I Know Better Than to Order Anything From Them. Not all Of it was Crap, But MOST OF IT WAS CRAP!


Well, since I have been entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes both online and offline for about a decade now when I haven't won a special visit from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Elite Team in person yet when I have even been apply for those job positions at: for two years now when I haven't been selected in person as a candidate yet either when I need to catch up and do that by me to WIN IT ALL starting tomorrow on Monday, June 4th, 2018 immediately!