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Well i dont believe pch is being honest. Im black diamond status.

And in all the years of playing all i ever won was a gift card for $10. Wow. Ive been a fool and ordered their stuff which is priced higher than others companys. Im sad to see that such a fun thing is just a scam.

Computer programs making sure you dont win. Bothersome emails . leading me on . promising alot and giving nothing.

Even the quality of stuff is not worth cost.

Sorry to see a company in america just using peoples good nature to make a profit. Shame on you

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I remember that for as long as I was playing it said that you would get the black diamond status at one hundred million tokens. I wanted to save up my tokens to be able to enter for the big-screen television that you can only enter as a black diamond status player.

My current TV has no sound and I have to watch it with the closed captioning on just like someone who is deaf, so I really need a new one.

Well, I kept playing every day, trying to run up as many tokens as I could, watching my token balance climb ever closer to the one hundred million token mark. And when I finally got there i found out that they had changed it so that where you had to have two hundred million tokens to get the black diamond status.


My mother played faithfully as long as I can remember and never won anything. I think it's a scam.