Atlanta, Georgia
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Hey everyone... PCH never contacts ANYONE prior to awarding a prize.

If you get contacted by anyone saying they're with PCH, know it's a scam. I'm really sorry for anyone who fell for a phone call or email that said they won anything. I've never won a dime from PCH, but I also know they don't contact you prior to giving out any money. If you EVER get contacted by ANYONE asking for your social security number or asking you to send money or a pre-paid credit card, run...

RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! Do NOT send or give anything to anyone. You are being SCAMMED!!! I work for law enforcement and see this stuff every day.

Please don't become a statistic... just say NO!

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Back in Fub 2014 i won $1000 from PCH and no one came to my door I got it in the mail..