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I used to watch my grandmother and my mother also get so excitied when they would get their PCH swwepstakes in mail to submit. THey always felt they had a chance to win and this would be the time they hit it big.

Of course, NOTHING! Now, i am following along the same path i suppose trying to also win so i can provide and care for my family as so many others wish to do as well. I keep getting emails stating that this could be it, This is your cahnce to win MILLIONS. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who really knows of anyone who had won anything at all or if PCH is just a big pile of lies.

It is so sad that their is so many MILLIONS of people who could really use this money in so many ways and will get their hopes up for nothing. Absolutely nothing!. If this is the case, why is it that someone has not had a investigation done and had them questioned on possibly the world news to let so many know that this is just a scam to get you to buy into products they are advertising, which in return they are getting rich off of. I have said that i am going to play this one LAST sweepstake that a winner will be announced on November 30th 2011.

I am waiting to see what will happen and who is the winner.

If i feel it is not legit, i am thinking about seriously reporting to the Today and also GMA to have the company investigated and to have them to provide proof of real winners. It is time for some REAL WINNERS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Same here over 50 years of playing never won a dime . .....


I never won anything either


I think this PCH sweepstakes and all involved with the service is a huge scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to enter to win a prize and all I get is things they want me to purchase and won't let me go any further without a purchase!

I don't want to purchase anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to enter!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s sad they PCH lead soooo many people on with lies and false hopes all to make a dollar.....just evil.


Right on. You would have better results spending all of that time praying to God to Be Blessed with alot of money. At least that way there is a chance that you will get some money.


I totally agree they send out all these searches in your area I know you can be a winner and it's all *** search all the way up until the day of why...


Stop showing that SK-II please I not going purchase that thank you God Bless


I agree with you. I wouldn't want one, even if they would tell me that they would send it to me free of charge with "white glove" in home delivery included.

It would do nothing but collect dust in my home and I wouldn't have any use for it. It wouldn't even be worth trying to unload it at a pawn shop, because the money that they would give me for it wouldn't even pay for the gas money to get there.




I've been playing for years now and haven't won a thing what going on, am I connected to your site to get in on winning, please let me know, I'm experiencing signing me out after 4hrs, what is going on, why do I have to sign in when I signup to keep me login can you explain please Helen Y Williams


Ya I got something to say! I've been playing this game for a long time and I don't know if i won something or not


I have played constantly since 1989 and it was in the mail box. I have played the app since it came out.

I have never won anything and never met a soul that has won anything nor saw them on my local news as a winner. From age 21 to now this year being 53 I would assume i would have won something. They get paid everytime you watch a video or go to a website the games send you to. They get paid way more by the gift card companies give you.

they get pais everytime you search anything. Just as Google does. They win daily from us all. Please people stop saying anything about God in this.

It is against the Holy Bible to gamble period so God is not going to help you win a lottery. PCH has never given me anything but a fake chance to win to sell whatever information about myself to other companies when i fill out their surveys. They have hundreds of ways to get paid as you sit and wish and play for them. A real winner will prove who they are where they were on the news or in a news paper winning and how much they won.

Winning a credit card is not winning for life the big win. I am Tony Joyce of North Carolina if I win I will share my info out loud.


I have been entering since 2002. I am in my 70's, alone and in dire financial straights.

I have numerous health problems. The money could literally save my life and my home. I have spent tons on postage. I have tried some of PCH products and found most of them pretty useless.

I too question that anyone wins the money. If it is just another scam, I would be deeply grateful to know so I can stop wasting postage. It is heart breaking to get your hopes up when you are so desperate only to be disappointed. Supposedly the Prize Patrol is out today saving someone with the money.

I have waited for them hoping and praying that it might be real. I just want to know if it is just another scam.


I agree with you. I don't care who wins, just as long as it is someone who really needs the money.

I am living in a place that would be condemned if the authorities came inside it. It is extremely unsafe and unlivable.

I only stay there because I would have to lose everything I own and become homeless if I were to move out. I NEED to win simply so that I can buy myself a decent place to live.


I can share that PCH is a very legit company, and I have won, so I know first hand. I will tell you this, to increase your chances of winning, you need to play every day, and play the scratch off cards also.

Do not give up, ever !! If you are not retired as I am play as often as you possibly can. Also, enter when they send you emails out, not just on the website or apps they offer. There are so many special sweepstakes that they offer and winning scratch cards every day.

I hope you all get to have a winning card, or a sweepstakes. If you don't stay in it to win it, your not doing yourself any favors. Again, play every day, or at least 3-4 times a week, and remember to enter more sweepstakes other than the Grand one they always advertise on TV, 1 Million. And I can share this as a fact also, you do not have to purchase a thing to win.

It's been about 7 months, since my last win, but I just can't give up.

Play, Play, Play and try to stay positive. Good Luck everyone


You sound like someone being paid from the company to write this and say anything to get people to BUY AND BUY more and spend more to support YOU and your company. Otherwise why not come forward and give your real name and say when, and how much you have won in the past.

People who win the lottery come forward, why not PCH winners ? Prove to the world you are not scammers. Because I personally think you are. I don't know how you and your company have gotten away with scamming so many people out of their hard earned money for so many years, but, You have.

I think our Jail cells are too good for all of the scammers like you, I think even Prison Cells are too good. You don't want to know what I think they should do with the people like you who scam people like this.

PEOPLE if it is too good to be true it is a SCAM...... And This one is the worst of the WORST.


I've been a sucker for wasting hundred and hundreds of hours playing their stupid games and entering their bogus sweepstakes online, but at least I was never a Rube enough to actually order anything! (not that that's stopped them from sending me stuff anyway)


OMG me too! I have the time to waste but never order.

They have claimed numerous times I ordered and I have to argue with them.

The computer just clicks the last 1-3 items at the end. Tricky crap


I agree. is fake!! I was suppose to win $10.00 guess what-I NEVER GOT THE $$


OK employee what did you win??