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I used to watch my grandmother and my mother also get so excitied when they would get their PCH swwepstakes in mail to submit. THey always felt they had a chance to win and this would be the time they hit it big.

Of course, NOTHING! Now, i am following along the same path i suppose trying to also win so i can provide and care for my family as so many others wish to do as well. I keep getting emails stating that this could be it, This is your cahnce to win MILLIONS. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who really knows of anyone who had won anything at all or if PCH is just a big pile of lies.

It is so sad that their is so many MILLIONS of people who could really use this money in so many ways and will get their hopes up for nothing. Absolutely nothing!. If this is the case, why is it that someone has not had a investigation done and had them questioned on possibly the world news to let so many know that this is just a scam to get you to buy into products they are advertising, which in return they are getting rich off of. I have said that i am going to play this one LAST sweepstake that a winner will be announced on November 30th 2011.

I am waiting to see what will happen and who is the winner.

If i feel it is not legit, i am thinking about seriously reporting to the Today and also GMA to have the company investigated and to have them to provide proof of real winners. It is time for some REAL WINNERS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I win tokens daily! Not to mention more ways to win.


I am like many of the people who play and buy items from PCH. The prices sometimes seem reasonable - BUT - after they put the shipping charge on - the price becomes too much. NOT buying anything else from PCH.


Yes I finally reached black diamond status and was playing the bonus games & did it over twice & then it froze, but when I looked at my status it went all the way back 2 the begining & finally the diamond came up but I lost alot of my tokens & as I said the black diamond never did come up, I had received a notice saying keep playing because unare almost at the highest status which i did keep playing & reached the 200,000,000 which is the highest status. Do whats hoing on.


I also have bought many many items and played so many games and did a million searches and then they tell you someone in your zip code is going to win then you find out the winner is in another state. I FEEL IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1217260

I feel the same way been playing since 1990 no luck u start to wonder is it REAL I be praying Nothing happens I been fired from my good job no benifts no unempolyment my children take care of me I feel like a failure but I know I'm a child f the most high I be thinking they not gone come to Detroit Michigan my house raggedy why come here I'm tired of this

to Anonymous #1510595

U Sound like me is my house to Raggedy in Detroit Michigan n my kids take care of me to I loss my job to its crazy but one thing u got right We Are A Child Of The Most High n He Said We Will Lend n Not Borrower Well with that being said just Continue to know that n believe u can win because I do that’s why we play Good Luck GOD IS ON THE THRONE


I agree! I think they were sued years ago too for false advertising and fraud because there were no Gand prize winners.


Sorry, folks, but Publishers Clearing House is real. I've won 3 times and have received all three prizes ($150 and $10 - paid by mail - and a $5 Amazon gift card which I received online).

Publishers Clearing House is a marketing company that sells other company's products like magazines or the "As Seen On TV" junk that you see on...well, TV.

The prices are usually a little higher than normal plus they tack on slightly higher shipping costs. If you want cheaper deals, then contact the magazines directly or just buy "As Seen..." stuff from Walmart. Keep in mind that they mail out hundreds of millions of pieces of mail, in addition to getting millions of people to play their games online. As a reward for providing this service, Publisher Clearing House obviously gets a cut from each sale they make, which in turn funds their prizes.

Regarding their prizes, if you read the fine print carefully, you will see that they only offer a major prize a couple of times per year and the smaller prizes are spread across many different games.

So literally, you might have 100 different games vying for the same $100 prize. The probability figures are right there; just read the papers that you normally throw out or go to the "Odds of Winning" page on the Internet.

So is Publishers Clearing house a scam? I say no. But I think it falls into the same category as political campaigns and even religious fundraising.

They're selling HOPE and DREAMS. So it's not really fair for us to not read the fine print and face reality (like reading the "Odds of Winning" pages, political history or even The Bible itself) then get frustrated when things don't turn out as we wish.

My advice: Have fun with it. Read the ads and occasionally treat yourself to ONE thing you can really use now or give as a gift. Give the stickers to some little kid to play with.

Make sure that you are registered and signed in when playing their online games. If an online screen says that you have won, then copy the screen immediately and contact PCH for further instructions. And for goodness sake, set limits. Right now I am at 25,000,000 points online with PCH, but I am going to stop at 40,000,000.

By then it will be late Spring and I'll have fun working with the flowers, garden tools and sprayers I bought this past Winter.

Good luck!

PCH customer in Florida (By the way: I am, posting this exact letter in several places, so nothing fishy is going on. I am just a self-employed person who's waiting on a phone call).

to Mr. Tommie #1536934

Mr Tommie, Are you a paid spokesperson for PCH?


PCH was under investigation about 11 years ago and had to pay out a fine for deceptive marketing practices.


That being said...

since they've changed their ways some... it doesn't make it a scam. The fact that the odds are astronomical are why people don't win. Doesn't make it a scam.

If you have a few minutes a day to enter a few sweepstakes... what's the harm. The way I look at it, somebody has to win, and it could be me. I only started playing because it's just a few clicks of a mouse.

I would never have done it old school with pasting stamps and mailings... wow. This weeks $5000 a week forever prize winner was on the news. Was he a relative or employee..

who knows. You want to take time to investigate that? Idk.. I like to play games sometimes...so clicking a mouse is not a big investment.

Seems to me to be better than spending money on lotteries that you never win either.

Just my 2 cents ... since I've never won ;)


I agree I've actually tried now for two years and they showed a map where I lived,the motel they'll be staying at and the name of the florist. They keep wanting me to order stuff I would but can't afford it.

That's why I'm trying for the money.

Can't eat news letters and magazines ect. Show me the MONEY.


I have played 30 years plus played under past married names for 20 so now that I am 63 I am going to stop for enough is enough

Susan Cook

to Anonymous #1510597

Wow Susan I hope u win n if I win I’ll look u up n help u


I got a $10.00 check, they forgot a few zeros, but that's okay, I'm sure they'll figure it out and show up with the rest, be patient.

to Anonymous #1510599

Hey I got a ten dollar check also I was geeked up to Continue to play just shy of 1,000,000,We have to Believe that’s all my Daughter says it’s fake I be soooo mad I just wish hope n pray they knock on my door n they are n she anwers it n pass OUTCome on Publish Clearance House N you have a beautiful day

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1059228

I applied 12,000,000 tokens towards a prize at PCH and didn’t win. How is that possible?

I’m beginning to have doubts about the time I invested to get 12,000,000 tokens. My family had a great laugh at my expense.

to Defeatedfrog #1588171

I currently have about 140,000,000 (one hundred forty-million tokens) and I am sure that if I played all of them on one prize that I wouldn't win anything. I think that it is a scam. i figure I can feel good each day seeing that I have over 140 million tokens or I can play them all and feel foolish for wasting so much time.



I won 20$ from PCH and have never bought anything from them.

Keep the faith and keep playing.

God bless,

Desiree Cawley


Tell ya what. You all stop playing these 100% free Sweepstakes and games and spread the word.

Therefore it will increase my odds.


Thanks and respectfully,

Loyal pch Sweepstakes player


yes, I think it's mostly a Gimmick !!!!

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