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I got mail from PCH.It had a scratch off in the envelope.

I scratched it off..It was $500.00. I was told to put it in another envelope and sign it. I did and wrote the address they told me to put on it, plus my address on the top left hand side..That has been 3-4 months ago, haven't heard a thing.About 1-2 weeks before Xmas [2012] I was playing PCH spin wheel. I was told I had won a prize.

There were 4 prizes to choose from..I chose the $1000.00 prepaid card. I did not get a prepaid card.

Today is 01/22/2013.They have had plenty of time to mail it to me.


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So you carefully read all the fine print to make sure there wasn't something there that would prevent you from getting the prize(s) and then contacted them about your problem?

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