Chattanooga, Tennessee
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i was sent some vouchers for merchantdise for 400.00 dollars each.each item was 200.00 dollars off so i sent 2 vouchers for desk top computer and video camera and paid the remaining cost with credit where is my items i think that was a scam and i will report it.i have a number to call 294-915-7100 but it needs a long distance access code which i don't now what?pch told me they had a warehouse in texas and they might have sent the vouchers out.but whos to know i don't.hope you have a nice life ripping people off.

Monetary Loss: $378.

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this is not a pch issue , should be removed from this list of complaints. People should read where the vouchers are from before complaining on the wrong company page.


You are incorrect to say that this is not a PCH issue. It IS a PCH issue inasmuch as the entity issuing those vouchers is a sponsor of PCH.

If you were to call PCH, they will admit to having an affiliation with the voucher issuer, "Sweepstakes Clearinghouse" out of Texas. PCH makes money advertising via "affiliate marketing". Sweepstakes Clearinghouse is a company that is used by many places that hold contests. The vouchers are supposedly "consolation" prizes as stated in their cover letter which accompanies the vouchers....all *** it is not any prize because we all know when you win a prize you do not pay anything.

Sweepstakes Clearing house should change their company name to, "Liquidation Clearinghouse" inasmuch as what they are doing is selling outdated and refurbished items that they acquired via liquidation purchases. Although the vouchers appear to come from Texas, all their headquarters are located guess where? Yup, in New York the same place as PCH.

PCH issues your name name to Sweeps Clearing House and tells them to send you the fake consolation vouchers. Also, your name is passed around to many many places by PCH!


Just to enlighten you: PCH is a huge affiliate marketeer. Those so called vouchers are yet another marketing ploy.

They say they are consolation prizes because you did not win the big pot. In reality, PCH is marketing the items the vouchers are for. You made a big mistake. 1st off, there is some fine print somewhere on those vouchers or the flyer describing the items.

The fine print states that the computers are refurbished (there have been complaints of people getting them in very poor condition and not being able to return them). 2nd : The OS on those pc's should give you a clue as to their age, especially since microsoft stops supporting XP in April, 2014 which mean no more updates from microsoft and no more tech support. Everything in those vouchers, i.e. pc, watches, luggage, etc are all bought for a lot less than the offered discount.

It is a scam! Vouchers seem to take down the price of stuff that is used and costs the same new!