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I did a study of PCH and their products. I found that anything you purchase from them you can buy locally for 50-75% less. They get you with the "Handling Charges" and Tax. For example, they advertsie a product for 3 payments of $4.99 - -OK than they add shipping charges and handling, So a $14 product comes out to be $almost $25.

Also I kept all the mailing from this years contest. They sent me 24 final notices that I had better return to be included in their contest. Never did get the one magazine i ordered and paid for

I will box those up and send them to the FTC (Federal Trade commission) and let them deal with PCH

I was also wondering, based on their commercials - -do you have to of the black persuasion to win?

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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they continually sell same *** over and over at high prices and I have nt seen one big winner yet

@Clifford Zodrow

If I win the Big-One, I can finally get off of the SSI "Crazy Money Check Rolls". That would be the very best part of winning.


My Mom Ordered tons Of Crap From PCH and paid just like that and paid alot for shipping. everything was very poorly made crap and a gyp. Could have purchased much higher quality things for much less money.


They also send you many many entries during a day per contest but hey are not eligible because they only except one entry per day per contest