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In the past year plus, I've purchased many items. I chose to pay in several ways.

Initially by check and phone and lately internet .I chose to pay after the items arrived. Some items took a long time and others showed up in days of ordering them.

I realize your goal is to submerse us in excitement and just keep cramming all kinds of goodies before our eyes. Winning is as you well know is pretty slim. so, your operation is to dazzle, dazzle and more hope..

The items often arrive late , but the bills are there. Your mound of items is overwhelming too and some are awful. (you know that too). Your billing might be the culprit that has taken the dazzle out of my eyes.

I for one don't desire hounding and payments due with continued wrong amounts. Please find information regarding my final payment information. for now. The remaining over door organizer has not arrived yet.

So that charge will be paid when the item arrives. You will receive a list of pmts. Paid..

with the final pmt. of $19..51 when it arrives.

User's recommendation: double check your statements. same charges are sent more than once !

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: Overpriced many items med quality.

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