Buffalo, New York

It seems the more I search through PCH, the more viruses I find on my computer. Also, I try not to search for anything that may subject me to e-mails from businesses trying to get me involved in something.

When I did,I received e-mails about those subjects trying to sell me something. The games are a nuisance and take way too long so I no longer play them. I especially hate the notices that say: "URGENT-YOU SNOOZE OR LOSE. I AM TIRED OF THIS.



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Yes, every day - embedded viruses- sad that PCH can't correct this problem


token games lead in to virus warning pop up wanting to go to their site to check for virus!!!!


When searching just one time there is a 2 page list of *** installed on my phone which renders the safari browser inoperable, it hangs and won’t go to any site. I’m tired of clearing my phone everytime I search to win.

And I wonder what’s there that I can’t clear like trojans and viruses. Not to mention the crummy products that don’t work.


Your scare tactics are something i wii never open again. The search keeps locking up my computer.

And you keep saying you don't need to buy but just keep reminding me that i have not bought anything.

Prices are to high anyway. Please i think this is the worst mess of *** i have ever entered.


Perhaps that's why my favorite games are disappearing. If I buy something, there is constant urging nearly every day to buy something again the next day. Well, my money can go only so far as I.m not a millionaire or a walking gold mine.


They are STILL Allowing VIRUSES and MALWARE to enter through their site and when you complain to them they try and imply its YOUR fault depending on what kind of BROWSER you are using, what software and what version and what type of computer you have. I suspect they are just DATA MINING to look for even MORE VULNERABILITIES in your system so they can EXPLOIT that even more. I strongly suspect they accept PAYMENT for allowing this malware to attack us.


every time I go on pch .com sweepstakes , my computer freezes up and stops responding . is it pch.com , or a hacker attached to them ?


PCH is getting to the point of being annoying. All their unnecessary mailers that are sent to you, are a pain!

You have to search through all the paperwork just to find the required stickers to attached to the form, and what a waste of paper. Then they have their well thought out gimmick in encouraging you to purchase their cheap "Made in China" products, which I just detest and don't buy anymore. As in the past, all I had purchased had to be returned at my expense, as it was nothing more than cheap ***. Then after you finally get all the stickers attached to their form, you have to mail it back, costing you a postage stamp for something that will probably just get tossed out into their trash, as how do any of us know their letter opening process, we don't.

They could save a lot of money just by being more thrifty on their wastefulness in the sending. Those folks who have computers and are already signed up with them, do not need to receive any additional letters or forms to fill out. Once it's done on the computer, then end of story, it's done! And their games are a pain to play in earning tokens.

They freeze up on you while playing, and you have to manually do a ctrl, alt, delete to get out as it freezes up your entire computer. I think with all of their "free" advertising from various sources, these advertisers have viruses attached and that is why ones computer freezes, and who knows what hidden viruses are attached and on your computer; we don't. I found many sources on the Internet to support this. So with my 2 million tokens stored up, which I know when redeemed, I won't win anything anyway, it's just a scam.

And trying to get PCH to respond to one of their site issues, they all are on "DEAF EARS" and never email you to assist you. They're always changing their contest dates; here it was January, then April, now it's June. And I've not seen any winners for those months. Next it'll be August or September, running up to probably December or January 2018.

Always their mail sent to you for you to return (hopefully with an order for their cheap merchandise) when the odds are definitely against you in winning. Not worth the effort in replying, wasting a stamp, time spent on their site where there are viruses, and just the pure hassle of your time in being wasted. Now when I get one of their mailers, I just toss it into my recycling bin for my trash man to dispose of. So PCH in my book is nothing more than being a wasteful and disreputable company who is only out there to make a "buck" like all the rest of the greedy people running companies.

No more of their *** will I get involved in, just not worth the headache!!!! And I have one now!


I think I'm suing PCH for not fulfilled Thier obligation to me. Misleading and conflicting information on Thier website sending a virus to my devices unfair practice law and other


There are way to many viruses in these games please these video commercials are full of them please!!! Clean the bb us vet they destroy your device


I thought I was the only one. My computer locked up, and I had an error message with a phone number to call.

Dummy me thinking it was from microsoft.

I fell for it, for a short time. I agree with everything you said about their games, they take way too long to play, and they lock up.


I agree...I have more problems with email from these companies. Why some much. If pch wants to give away money, why does it take all of these searches?