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  • Customers like
    • Fun of playing 3
    • All the fun 2
    • Variety of products 1
  • Customers don't like
    • False claims of winning 12
    • Getting no response to my emails 7
    • Too many confusing games and no help 5
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We've had much bad luck in our lives. When we got the good news that we had won $10,000., we were soooo happy. Maybe our luck has changed. But a day or so later they pulled the rug out from under us. They said THEY had made a mistake. We didn't really win. How cruel. It was THEIR mistake and we all have to pay for our mistakes. This should be no different. I feel they gave us $10,000 and then stole it back. We went from crying for happy to... Read more

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The same thing happened to me the other day.While doing a "Search" the notice popped up that I just won $10,000. Thinking I had won I was overjoyed only to be disappointed by PCH. But then later that day I got an email stating that it was a mistake and they would put my name in a drawing for 5 people to win $10,000. I contacted them several time and each time they apologized and said it was a mistake. Finally, they told me it was human error.... Read more

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2012 to 2016 started out mailer spending stamps and hurting down to mail letters afters playing games and buying things I was told buy some, playing games from 8:00 to 12:00 midnight that is all there games 7days a week tournament I won games no money for it it took my time up they kept getting smart with me I was told do this do that and they still went to another state.

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I have been a victim of PCH bull rap scams saying I won this or that just to find out I have to buy something and getting spammed with calls and emails wanting me to buy and buy *** games they have wining nothing ever this place sucks

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I have had to reset my Windows 10 because I get the "Warning: Your hard drive will be deleted..." message locking up all my windows. I know that it is PCH because the moment I tried them after reloading everything it happened again RIGHT WITH THE VERY FIRST EMAIL. I tried everything I could do to remove it by going through the extensions, typing in "" to Cortana's search box, looking through the registry, etc. to no avail. It didn't... Read more

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This is me the real me the other guy is changong emails stealing from everyone he hact my exs email too amd who knows who else he a lil nerd with no job skill ao he steals please kick him im the real i gto all the proof u need i already reported him he has 2 felonys now for stealling bank information and a few othe things theyll get him .

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Recently electronically notified and identified as a winner in there sweepstakes.... Only to receive a follow up email a day later to indicate that the notification was an "error"...? Just how is it that computers make errors...? I ask for an explanation and received none...! They responded generically and promised 50,000 Tokens and free entries in their $10,000 sweepstakes, received NO confirmation of compensation to date...!!! GOOD thing I... Read more

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After entering the original PCH forms and numbers I have been inundated with mail offering all kinds of merchandise and advertisements. No problem ----- but after several weeks I started receiving official looking mail asking me to send money in order to further my claim on the prize money I MAY have won. This does not sound right to me and I have not sent them anything but the annoyance is getting bolder. Any suggestions of how to... Read more

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After I lambasted PCH for this VIP 10K win and informed them I was not buying it, I pointed out another grievous error they had made...invasion of privacy! When they attempted to BS their way out of it again, I had made a comment: "What do you think: that I am some ignorant rube from Alabama???" I am now blocked from the Customer Service Blog...what if I have other issues??? Anyway, if you need a laugh for the day, read the over-the-top... Read more

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I received a scratch off from pch .black and gold match three. I match a million dollars on one ticket and a hundred on the other. Same game. I had to sign the back of the ticket. It says match three like and when that prize. I sent it off .waiting on them to get back at me. Is this a scam ? What should I do.? L.A. lyons.

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