Clarksville, Tennessee
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All of the necklaces & earrings that I have purchased thus far from PCH has turned & tarnished to turning skin black &/or green with the first time of wearing any of it. The "God Heart" pendant even discolored.

For the cost of this cheap costume jewelry (especially the shipping handling charges added to cost), you'd think you could wear this stuff more than 1 time without embarrassment. I will not order any more jewelry from the PCH advertisements ever again. The jewelry is so pretty that it is very disappointing to not be able to display it.

Very embarrassed that I gave some of the jewelry as gifts to others. They must think I'm disrespect them or do not appreciate them to give them such junk.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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It's nice l love mine


Let me get this straight... you bought jewelry from PCH and now you're complaining..HEEELLLLOOOO MCFLY ANYBODY HOME?????