Austin, Texas
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I bought a set of bowls and got another set free but they added on $14.95 S&H for the extra set. They were advertised as microwavable, but the first time I put one in the microwave it cracked open, only cheap chinese glass.

Not microwaxable.

PCH advertises anything from anyone and the Chinese are notorious for telling lies to scam you out of money. I learned a lesson by giving them my hard earned money for cheap trash.LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES 100 WORDS *** *** *** SCAM DOES NOT ASK FOR CONTACT INFORMATION YOU ARE A SCAM TOO

Monetary Loss: $40.

  • hard earned money
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racist. it's not only the chinese that do this.

I have been scammed by many americans also. notorious for lies? that's ridiculous people just feel that way because they have different standards on what is okay and what isn't okay to sell.

I bought a set of AMERICAN glass bowls and they broke in the microwave as well. I think glass bowls in general are silly to use in the microwave, glass can't really take the stress when the food is heating the glass beneath it faster than the rest of the plate.