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Well aren't we a happy group of people? I also have been playing the fool to this company long before it got easier to join electronically, remember when u used to get that HUGE golden envelope with all that stuff to keep u busy for hours?

As a young teen my mom always thought she was going to win, she bought so much useless garbage from these people, she's no longer here, so I've been carrying on the PCH tradition, consider me a 2nd generation fool.

I just want to know SOMEONE who has won a big prize from PCH, I mean one of the 10 million dollar winners or even a $$ a week for life winner, there must be alot of people out there buying stuff for them to be able to pay out all that $$ every week for life to people, just this year alone they had $7,000 &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; $5,000 a week for life winners and now $1000 a day, not to mention all the so called PAST winners, where is all this money coming from? Also if they go bankrupt do they still have to keep paying the winners, it just doesn't ADD up, so I'm just going to quit playing, hopefully some of u others will have a better chance with one less player playing...good luck everyone

User's recommendation: Good luck.

Preferred solution: Nothing.

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