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$500/ week for life. They say my name, my address in Fort Myers, FL, will I be home for Prize open gate and e.Twice Iin Ict a n.v d Nov cancelled Dr appts and they never came.

Been entering for 30 years off and on. Am VIP.....I enter every day. Defrauding the elderly in State of FL is federal crime. Am soooooo disappointed.

I don't want $1000 nor $5000/ week, just the $500/ week I won in November. Disappointingly am retired but I do volunteer work, spend a lot of time here. Leading older people into false hope is cruel. Fun games to pass time but tired of false hope.

Would like to be out of debt with weekly prize I thought I won TWICE. No more cancelling appts or volunteer work..I still volunteer, deserve to win..beware- they say you are VPI, promise you prize at your address, then never arrive


User's recommendation: State Attorneys office in Fort Myers FL has many complaints against st

Location: Miami, Florida

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I get a crazy money check of $794 a month, so $500 a week would be a godsend to me. Of course I would lose my "crazy money" check after winning the prize, but it's all a crock any way.

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