Fairbanks, Alaska

After almost seven hours of reading complaints about the deceitful, fraudulant, lying, dishonest, bogus, thievery of the supposedly "free" sweepstakes offered by PCH, my memory harkens back not too many years ago,to a man named Ed McMahan, and a widely broadcast issue about the PCH Sweepstakes and their Prize Patrol,and the fraudulant activities of both.After much to-do about the Fraud part of their system, PCH and Mister Ed disapearred for several years. Now they're back, doing the same thing. I live in a semi rural area of Alaska, and I have yet to imagine how this non existant "Prize Patrol" is "going to show up on my doorstep, at(get this)P.O.Box *****(????)with my winning check for $$$",,,,,,,,What a bungus,(as in anal)bunch of hokey ***.

Everyone in their right mind(no offense to those of us who are not),should see this for the hoax it is and remember the last session with PCH and Mister Ed, where it was proven (in court)that PCH was involved in deceptive business practices concerning sweepstakes.NOBODY ever wins except PCH and their related publishers.Don't buy ANYTHING from them or their affiliates. YOU WILL LOSE!!!

By the way, PCH, you may want to consider(as do MANY others), that Alaska is a "foreign" country, do to our geographical local, and not send any "free" items to me or any other resident of this State, as our laws do protect most of us, in that if any "lower 48"company sends a product, that was not ordered, to ANYONE here,we are(by State Law),NOT required to return or Pay for it.Did you understand that, or should we take some of this inhumane,deceitful B.S. to a higher Judicial authority?

I have tried for several hours also to have any of my personal info removed from PCH files, so as not to have to waste any more oxygen on their useless trash, seemingly to no avail. However, you can trust(something I CAN'T do for you),that I will WEAR OUT my delete button on ANYTHING that is even remotely connected to you, you lying, cheating,ripoffs that shame honest business.Don't call me, don't write back, don't send any more "YOU WIN!!!"garbage to me.And, considering the type of (I hesitate to use a term that is usually reserved for decent people)people you undoubtedly are, you won't have the stones to print this complaint in public, as you for sure know exactly what I'm talking about.I hope and pray that your "business" sinks into oblivion sucking all you worthless bloodsucking leaches with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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I'd like to know, Mr. Irving, when is the last time you actually awarded the SuperPrize of $5,000 a week for life??

It seems every time you have a substantial prize, "No matching number" was found.... pretty suspicious and convenient.

How about you draw another number until you get a match?? I'm beginning to agree with the critics here, this is just a big ad scheme to get people to sign up for email & personally, I've about had it!


Bunch of horse pucky. Several of us were very upset at the reaction of yesterday's winner who obviously already had a nice life.

Best of all, after being strung along and wasting countless hours, days, weeks, and months, that hyped 5 grand a week for life wasn't even the actual prize. We were misled. That Danielle Lam said "You guys didn't read the fine print." Oh, that *** again? After all the letters we've gotten to hurry up and wait after being told we're inactive when we're anything but.

I've bought enough ***, wasted enough hours on pointless games, done searches for God knows what, reported an illegal scammer for them without even a thank you, had my questions about fishy *** ignored. Enough.

Anyone *** enough to keep going after yesterday deserves everything they get, but I've finally listened to my boyfriend and wised up. PCH has made an enemy of me!


I've seen many of their TV commercials showing the prize patrol going to people's doors. The houses of the winners are always middle class and well kept. Never see anyone in a dirty mobile home get a visit from the prize patrol.

I suspect they have a "rule" that your house has to look good on camera or you can't win.


i will make your company a rap song. i will make it more famous and will only charge you fifty thousand dollars while you lure the world and make millions of dollars.

this include a video that will alienate the world. think outside the box and you will be glad you accepted.


People should stay away from PCH as most of their products are Made in China. Support companies that utilize your country and its citizens.

We should support the creativity and hard work of our country men and women. Why support a communist country that one day may use their amassed weapons and money against us?


Hello, this is Chris Irving from the Publishers Clearing House Consumer Affairs Department.

Not sure what the specific concerns are that have caused such a negative posting but do want so share the following:

-Ed McMahon has never worked for Publishers Clearing House. He was the former spokesperson for American Family Publishers a company that was not affiliated with Publishers Clearing House in any manner. Mr. McMahon passed away in 2009.

-We have awarded thousands of prizes over the years with over 58 millionaire winners and over $220 Million in prizes.

-Merchandise and magazine orders are only fulfilled to consumers who have returned an order form with specific products requested.

-Consumers who may need assistance with any issue at Publishers Clearing House, ranging from billing to name removal can easily reach us toll free at 800-337-4724. I am hopeful that the complaining consumer of the above posting will take the time to call so we can provide further information and assistance.

Chris Irving

Assistant Vice President, Consumer Affairs

Publishers Clearing House

@Christopher Irving

honestly do you really want us to believe then show us the winner that is barely making it the one that did not do anything but enter because it was their only hope.... Did not think you could

@Christopher Irving

no one have ever won the "forever" prize though, how convienent for PCH that number is always wrong

@Christopher Irving

Chris, Your a dam lair I have received 2 items that I never ordered 1 was a smelly car dog seat made in china that had a horrible smell of some type of chemical and you wanted me to pay the shipping to go back you also sent me a Kaplin Magazine with some report that cost $ 12 bucks. Well I finally realized how you do your scam by people doing product surveys and you fill out for a chance to win something from survey you are sent the product you did the survey about and you figure how many people will send it back and other people will not and pay the bill after your demand for payment or you will send to credit company they will pay for fear of bad credit remarks Well did not return it because i was not paying to return it sold it for $5 at yard sale sent credit union a letter that PCH was scamming they removed it and now they cannot report anything else on my so I scammed them I get products magazines for free.. no one wins anything from PCH