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This story is true about publisher clearing house. I ordered a pair of big vision reading glasses from them.

They sent me 2 pairs. I called and spoke to Mary. I asked her why did they send me 2 pair of reading glasses. She said that one pair was in the cart that I did not know about and they just sent them anyway.

The reading glasses was for 4 payments of $4.99. I asked her how much would the first payment be. She said something like $17.68. I though this was pretty high for 4 installment payments but as she instructed I sent the $17.68.

They send a mystery gift with the order and charged me $9.98 for shipping and handling. I did not order a mystery gift. I wrote them a letter and told them the next time a person place an order with them send them what they ask for not what they want too send you. I told them that I should have known better than too do business with them again.

Because I had some problems with them in the past and I never want to do business with them again. They sent me a letter for the last payment. They told me I could pay $6.97 something like that or $16.98. Mary told me she was taking 50% off the order because I only wanted one pair of reading glasses.

After, sending them the $16.98. I wrote them a letter telling them I considered the balance paid in full. They told me that I only sent them a partial payment and they keep harassing me about sending them $8.98. I am a person that believe in paying what I owe.

But in this case they are trying too make me pay them more money because this was a small order. When you place a small order with them they try too make you pay a lot for it. Here is another story I like too add. I ordered some very cheap ink pens from them once upon a time.

I was sitting at my computer. I saw the balance of the ink pens very cheap ink pen for $9.99 with the shipping and handling charges. when they sent me the bill they charged me $24.98 the pens only cost $9.99 before adding their charges. Whatever, they did they flipped the screen very quickly trying too keep me from seeing the balance.

But, I saw it anyway. They tried to deny it and I didn't buy it. I had a dispute with them and they charged me the $15.98. They are doing the same thing with the eye glasses.

I refuse too send them anymore money. Because they know that I have paid them and they keep harassing me out of spite. If anything they owe me because they are the one's that's being crooked. I am innocent.

I want too know how in the world they can pay someone $5,000 a week for life and steady beating customer out of their money. I find this very hard too believe. I want someone to help me stop their harassments because I don't owe them anything. Thank you and my very best regards reaches out to you.

All AI can say too anyone be careful when you do business with them. Because they are out too get you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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