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I don't mind the games, but the constant advertising of items that are basically cheaper elsewhere is annoying. What really gets me is their claims of 50% off etc.

and that the prices are reflected, but they appear to be the same price as originally. They obviously make their money with the high shipping fees. They charge shipping fees on each item even if combined in the shipping of another item. Their shipping rates average a $1.00 higher than standard shipping costs, sometimes even more so.

So my advice is to be alert to what you buy. They do stand behind their products though, so that's good especially with the live plants, since most of them arrive dead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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bought $80 of stuff charged $140 unreal charges


50% off you never get it they bill you 100% plus very high shipping handling fee's i ordered something buy one get one free i receive one item several times or some stealing all my mail


Their shipping charges are out of control. Bought necklace from the outlet page 12.95, by the time shipping and handling got added on the outlet price ended up costing me 20.38.

So beware.

I wish they would expand the window to return things, 14 days is not a lot of time with life happening. They do right with plant refunds.


Whatever cost of item is take that figure and cut it in half then add that amount to the item cost and that's what you will pay. Ship and handle cost makes item overpriced is why I order very little


I worked for the US Postal Service for over twenty years and I surely bought items from PCH for several years...

Every order I noticed the over the norm for shipping & handling charges...They surely need to be investgated by

the US Postal Service and the Truth in charging committee if there is such a committee.


shipping and handling is way to high and there gifts say they are FREE yet they will charge a shipping and handling fee which is more than the free gift is worth. So no feebees from PCH


I agree, their items are of very low quality, they also say that your oldest bill gets paid first when you make a payment not true they didn't apply my payment that way and then they sent me, email after email saying my account was past due even after the payment was made. I ended up making double payments two months because of their mistake and their shipping and handling is way too expensive!!!

I will never buy from them again!!!!

Even if by some miracle I won something. Which in 20+ years of playing I never have.


DAMN,! why is it we don't realize until after we order something it automatically gets shipped out ?

were more at stake and have no choice but to pay, I feel so vulnerable thinking I had to order stuff to get finalized, the last order was pending I had put five items in my cart it still didn't get approved ,so I give up, gee how much stuff do you have to ORDER? I knew something was wrong! now im stuck paying for unessasary junk.

cost me arm and leg S.A.H NOT HELPING. And i wasient going to win anyway.