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Just so you who reads this know. I have been playing PCH games and entering ALL the sweepstakes year after year, month after month, and have nothing to show for it. I currently have 70,000,000 lifetime tokens. I am considered one of the highest members for them in terms of gem status, and have won NOTHING, not even a dollar. I have finally figured out how they run there business, or at least a little bit. Please, unless you have time to waste, DO NOT try to earn their "TOKENS". Each time you do they get more money from the advertisers, and tokens have no major impact unless you use their 'token exchange', and even then the odds of winning are low. Imagine the high 'odds' for each sweepstakes, some if not MOST of which you can not enter numerous times, then imagine you can. The odds are VERY high. Also, the people who have supposedly 'WON', never show off their $50 Home Depot or $100 Visa anywhere on their Facebook of Twitter. Which should be easy to do correct? After all, just look at yesterday or 'Winners Wednesday'. All someone who has REALLY won has to do is hashtag PCH and boom, on the PCH Facebook. AND, if they do they ALWAYS seem to use the oldest camera lens or photo of themselves. This IS the 21st century, even if you use a older model phone, why do most winners look like they won years ago?? So, this is how PCH is primarily run in 3 easy steps.

First-They advertise the $5,000 W/F/L, $7,000 W/F/L, and $2 million+$10,000 W/F/L+New car. Nothing wrong with that right? The company is just 'Promoting a fabulous way to change your life, FOREVER'. Here's what they really do. You see the ads, you see people online or on the website who won, heck, maybe YOU actually do know someone who had won before. You feel interested now right? If my friend/lover/aunt/brother/sister/cousin/mother/father can win then I can as well! So, you decide to make a account and enter, its free right? You log on to the website, make an account, and enter the sweepstakes. BUT, starting out you might feel annoyed with all of the 'ads/offers'. When you finally get through them all you feel relieved. Then you see the scratch offs, the lotteries, blackjack, slots, and so on. I'm sure some of you would stick to your guns so to speck and just leave the site only to enter the sweepstakes when you get another chance to enter the main big one. Especially since sometimes the Ads PCH uses on the website and Apps can give you a virus. And because the website does not allow Adblock you can only hope to click out of the program fast or backspace away from it.

If that does not make you want to limit your time on PCH however, you are probably like the rest of us who find clearing the first page addicting. So you start to play everything, everyday. As the days and weeks go by you realize it takes less and less time to enter sweeps. You don't have to accept offers if you want to or skip them as much, and it feels good doesn't it? Like an achievement? Just so you know, 70 Millon tokens means I dont have to uncheck anything but the PCHlotto ad. And when I DO enter other sweepstakes besides the main big one it goes right through with the entry no skipping required.

So at this point you are preeety much loyal right? It's easy to enter, is starting to not take as long, and you have 'Numerous' chances to win. This is where the next step comes in.

Second-Now at this point you know of the Facebook page(s). Your going on their because hey, why not? It is a great way to kill time or see with your own eyes who some of these so called 'winners' are. And it's nice at first. Everyone is hoping and praying to win any of the sweeps and they are doing their best to cheer others on. (Whether they cheer because they except to get some good karma or because they are actually team players who like to believe SOMEONE winning equates to them winning in some way as well...) If you see some of the post made about PCH being 'such a honest, good company that helps other people less fortunate' or the ones about how they help out charities, you are probably feeling like the company is legitimate, you want to read more in dept articles and learn how the charities reacted or something. Especially when it concerns the winners.After all, who wouldn't? Do the winners live in houses? Do the winners primarily win in northern states? What are the winners status? Diamond? Black Diamond? Here's some statics for you who read this- If you play every day, EVERY scratch card, slot, blackjack, lottery, and instant games, I can safely say getting 60,000-120,000 tokens is possible. If you do this every day for a week you could get about 1,000,000 tokens. Three weeks a month and your at 3,000,000. 3,000,000 a month for 12 months=36,000,000. Easily Sapphire. Couple more months and your at Diamond status. SO, winners who say they enter EVERY day for numerous years at a time are probably the same as well. WHICH WOULD MEAN MOST PEOPLE WHO WIN ARE PROBABLY BLACK DIAMOND STATUS!!!

ANYway. So, you look around and cant find more info on the winners. So you either look on google or bing for a couple of news articles on the winner from the winners (or your) state and find...THE PCH BLOGS!! You start reading and reading. The blogger rights something PCH is going to promote (another contest -.-) And when it gets close to a big giveaway like today you read to see the clues, HOPING, PRAYING, it's YOU or your family who win! Dreams of using the money feel your head, paying bills, getting a car, school, redecorating, video games... anything is within your reach. Your reading the blog now, so you know the blogger will tell you through their post if a 'winning number' has been returned. And to not only your disappointment, it has not. Dreams of what you were going to do with the million dollars or life prize fade away. BUT! There is still the chance to win $1 million! So you start to think of THAT prize, fantasize, maybe take the day off from work on the winning day so you can be there in person just in case you win...

Eventually after being fed RIDICULOUS clues all day you realize someone else won. And NOT someone who looks like they need financial assistance. Someone who owns a house that looks to be worth way more than what a 'middle income' should be able to win. Someone who you are supposed to feel happy for because they REALLY needed the money. After all, the person is between 30-70 with a nice house and just sooo many grand-kids to buy gifts for! Or they want to see ALL of the world AGAIN, while others who win talk only about how they will enjoy buying Gucci or Prada and maaaybe donate in the far off future to some vague charity.

Have you begun to realize what you have just experienced?

I'll sum it up for you.

Three-You were basically recruited to make PCH money through there ads or from there 'shop'. Each Ad probably pays PCH 4-5 cents. With all those games and other things you spent precious time doing, they probably got about $2.80 or more each day you completed all of their activity's. For months on end, probably $200. If PCH got just this amount from YOU, how much do you think they get from others? Basically they are USING this sweeps with the 'Ultimate' prize to convince you to BELIEVE you can win the big prize, fool you, bait you to not get angry at them with the $1 million, THEN they award a person in the Northern States (as always). Then they rinse and repeat.

PCH is a ponzi scheme. You work and work at the bottom, but only the people on top make the most money. If I were you whoever reads this, I would just stick with your local lottery. At least normally even IF you dont match all the numbers, you could win a smaller prize.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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  • Panzi Scheme
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I feel just like you. And why do they keep changing the date.

It is August 31 now. I quit. This is a racket. If you play all of the games a day, it totals up to an average of four hours unless you are on your cell and can skip the ads.

I started in September 2015. Won a big $10. A ton of tokens that I redeemed and haven't won anything (19, 000.

00). I'm not wasting my time anymore on PCH.