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I was told to go to this address and enter my activation code of SP480. It is 4/23/2018.

This isn't a review of anything. It just makes no sense after going to the site identified in the received letter on 4/23/2018.


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cannot enter my activation code


As other people I received the same notice today and can't get on the given site to enter the activation code.Is this a scam?

@Brigitte Paine

No, it's not a scam at all because I have been entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes both online and offline for about a decade now when I haven't won a special visit from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Elite Team in person yet when I have even been apply for those job positions at: for two years now when I haven't been selected in person as a candidate yet either when I need to catch up and do that by me to WIN IT ALL starting tomorrow on Monday, June 4th, 2018 immediately!