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  • Customers like
    • Fun of playing 3
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    • Variety of products 1
  • Customers don't like
    • False claims of winning 12
    • Getting no response to my emails 7
    • Too many confusing games and no help 5
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Attention all people. Have you wasted at least an hour every day, (actually takes 2 hours to play every single game offered by pch)playing PCH games, hoping and praying to win? Have you been playing for years all to no avail? Have you bought products that actually broke in the very first use? Have you been a victim to "sweepstakes clearing house" and their fake vouchers? (actually a sponsor of PCH). Have you seen that you won but was unable to... Read more

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Today I received an email from Publishers Clearing House stating that I won the grand prize hours later they email me back saying that it was a mistake that they sent information to the wrong person with my name on it that it was to go to a Mexican man in another state well I see a lot of lies within that for one how could you make a mistake like that we are two different Sexes for one he's a man and I am a female he is Mexican and I am... Read more

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I was selected a winner of $10,000.00 in one of the many sweepstakes that I have entered with them, and I have entered for over 20 some years with PCH on Sept.16,2016 I was so excited that I had won! The next day Sept. 17,2016 they emailed me apologizing due to an error, and that someone else in another state actually won the prize, and that the listing of my name was a mistake. I was very upset, because I thought I had won! I am really upset... Read more

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P.C.H,ETC., Stop these darn(long) commercials in Spanish. This is an English speaking country. If you do not speak English then your in the wrong country ! I am not against immigrants but they must learn English or go back to where they came from. Do not enable lazy behavior!! They all need to learn English now. Stop enabling what's wrong with our country. One language in our country and that is English. We must stand up for our flag too. Shame... Read more

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I have been entering pch contest since i was 18yrsold.i am now 34.the past 3 yrs. i have gotten a notice that i have won something and it would be delivered at the end of the never came.pch is all the time promiseing me money if i just fill out and send in the contest papers.well i have been do ing this *** for 16 yrs.and was told at least 2 or 3 time i won something but never recieved it.and other entries have never won anything .pch... Read more

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Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Review from Overland Park, Kansas
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I had the same issuewas told that I won but then in got a email Say that urbwhem a mistake when I contacted their online live chat they say it was a glitch in the system pch should honor this if they said I won 10,000 I should receive it Read more

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