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I am a senior citizen much over 65, I have a limited amount of money to spend, my income is not fixed but it seems to go down in my so-called retirement fund at the bank! I have tried to make money on PCH many times, entering a contest to win big, and even for the $100 prize of being 1st on the 24 Hour a Day KENO Leaderboard Contest at their Game Website,, playing what PCH calls KENO for 24 hours straight, the whole day with the highest game score, playing the same game that all the players are playing at the same time, (there is no brain needed to play the game or knowledge needed, they are actually all playing the same so-called Keno Games unless they slip up and miss one game or one item of the game) !!!

I like so many Senior Citizens have health conditions/problems, I have many and one consist of a heart problem after a heart attack I had a few years ago ( I have a damaged heart that does not work well today), after staying up for 24 hours a few nights like last night to try to win a much needed $100 is taking a big toll on me! I can not say that I will never not try to do this again to try to win the $100 on the PCH LEADERBOARD KENO GAME again because THIS IS WHAT OLD PEOPLE DO, this is what Senior Citizens risk to try to get money these days, I do not know if last nights winner got help from PCH to win on the leaderboard contest, afterall that Keno Player last night did after I was 14 hours into the Keno Game of playing did seem to come out from nowhere and managed to get to the top of the list with the most points, more than anyone on the leaderboard and no one could catch up to him for the remaining hours, who knows maybe he bought more than any of people or the senior citizens did last night on their products list with high shipping charges that PCH begs us all to buy from on their Game and Contest Web Site, or maybe the winner even works for PCH, or even be a computer programmed contestant of PCH on the game itself ,,, this I do not know, I can only let everyone reading know that I a Senior Citizen am very sick this afternoon after staying up for over 24 hours and then sleeping for almost 15 hours after this ordeal and think that PCH (if they really care about senior citizens HEALTH, WEALTH or LIVES) should break up their KENO LEADERBOARD WINNER GAME into 12-hour increments, one Keno Leaderboard Game for Mornings of the Day and one Keno Leaderboard Game for Nights for the Day to save all people's health and lives !!! ... (Senior Citizens Lives), Anyone Lives!!!!

I know that people, especially Senior Citizens with Health Problems will risk their health and lives to try to win money to live these days! PCH please, you are the Big Boys here... help people, HELP SENIOR CITIZENS with bad health, you could even lower the prices on those products you sell with the big shipping charges which most old people (Senior Citizens) can not afford to buy for an enticement to try to win big money on any games or contest these days !!! AND, PLEASE, PLEASE PCH ...



As an Old Person who does have bad health I do not understand all the stuff you have stated in Your Terms of Service below, I tried to read it but everything I have typed here is true, Many Old People are fragile and many of us need money, we do not need to risk our lives for this money by playing a game nonstop for 24 hours to try to win $100, or pay high prices for products with high shipping charges because psychologically we old people are so desperate for money that we think that we need to do that so that we will have a chance to win a much needed $100 in a game or a contest! Now that is the truth!


Preferred solution: Change Keno Leadboard Contest with the prize of $100 into two 12 Hour Increments for the day, because 24 hours is way too long for Senior Citizens with illnesses!!.

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I would love to win one hundred thousand dollars to help me make mincemeat.


I'm an old person too and I would love to win $100 or more to make ends meet too!

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