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Publishers Clearing House - Scratch off instant winner I won sent it in never got the money 5,000

  • by   May 17, 2013
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Instant Inner Scratch Off
Category Advertisements and Cons
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Monetary Loss

Got the April 30th million for life sweepstakes in mail it came with all the stamps to buy things plus two instant win scratch offs I filled all the stuff out scratched off the two one I did not win the second it said I won 5,000.00 instant winner to sign my name on back and send it in with my entry for the April 30 th million dollar for life I did and I have not heard anything about my instant win in that money so pch is a bunch of *** *** *** *** *** *** *** 3080b94

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Dec 29, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
You did not win anything. The scratch cards and instat win games are all set up the same. All you really won was an entry to win 5000. You need to read everything thoroughly before reacting.
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Jul 13, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
The scratch cards/instant win games that come in their mailings are not really instant wins. It will appear so when you scratch and have matches, but in reality all it means is that you will be entered into a drawing for the particular scratch/instant win card.
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