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Publishers Clearing House - Publisher Clearing House (Free Gift)

  • by   Jun 15, 2012
  • Review #: 325030
Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Magazines
Location Denver, Colorado
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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I get a free gift only if I purchase $700.00+ in magazines.When I called to cancel (oops missed the 190 day deadline) they hung up on me.

Called again and requested to speak to a manager the woman again hung up on me after she told me that I would be put in collections if I didn't pay. This company is such a scam.

Why aren't they out of business?
I am getting a 2 of the same magazines that I don't read and don't want and have yet to receive my 'free gift'.I don't want the gift and I don't want the magazines. 30b3a54

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Aug 19, 2013  from Osgood, Indiana
Lol Sessa, i am right there with you. Why would you buy 700+ in magazines, for a free gift, considering NO ONE has EVER won PCH.
I seriously think you are completely insane....
Talk about a waste of money, there are people homeless in this country and you are buying 700+ in MAGAZINES? :eek
Reply to Kitasaurus

Jun 15, 2012 
Are you completely insane?!? You thought buying $700+ in magazines for a "free gift" was a good plan? Here's a free piece of advice: have someone close to you take away your ability to buy anything without approval. Your welcome.
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