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Publishers Clearing House - PCH Lotto submission frustration!

Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Austin, Texas
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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Finally was able to get 1.25 million PCHlotto game & after 7 tries to submit picks receive server error--why?Really frustrating time waste!

I have had trouble even receiving other lotto games--could only get into Progressive Lotto game, even after other lotto games "play now" selection was requested. I have also NEVER been able to find choices of scratch cards, as well as other lotto games I was interested in!

I know they are there for selection, because I have been able to see 'user reviews'!I appreciate PCH, but this enigma is very frustrating to say the least!! 30b35e4

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Dec 27, 2012  from Billerica, Massachusetts
how come i have to contantly change my pass word, and when i do, i still cant get it..wth??? this is getting very tiring for me?? has anyone else had an issue with that??
Reply to lor138

Nov 25, 2012 
Iam not going to say anything bad about pch. I just want to know how come when I try to play the pch lotto why can't I play all the games. I know they are free games, and I should be happy with what I get and I am, but I would love to play just once. Iam not mad at anyone because the games are free. So if it was ment for me to win I will win. So tell the people to just have fun and sit back and wait and see what happens. Happy holidays.
Reply to Granny5lewis5@aol.com

Oct 22, 2012 
I, VICKIE KENDALL STILL CANNOT FIND MY PASSWORD...TO GET LOGGED IN.I KNOW MY ACCOUNT # --01748177191. THATS THE FIRST ONE..BUT I DONT REMEMBER MY PASSWORD....PLEASE SEND IT TO---vickie.kendall1@facebook.com -------i have been waiting so long..cant figure this out...PLEASE HELP....P.C.H. ME... :zzz :zzz

Oct 01, 2012 
can not play lotto my numbers will not come up can you please clear that so i can play don't want to miss out
Reply to justinaporter@hotmail.com

Jul 27, 2012 
no problems with any of the lotto games i love them they are all fun...... what more could you want for free!!!!
Reply to freida ramsey

Jun 16, 2012 
For months I could play te lotto games. Then suddenly it started working so I played. Unfortunately several times I have gotten error messages & either lost points, or turns, & sometimes even entire game cards. I have received message telling me to refresh & then when I do - it tells me - Sorry you've already played today. Why does this happen??? It is very frustrating!!
Reply to Karen Harris

Jun 07, 2012 
Iam having trouble getting the pchlotto.i download it and it will not give me the numbers to pick.iv been trying everything
And nothing works.how do I do this do I don't lose out on the 1,250,000,00.please help
Reply to Lydia Charles

Mar 23, 2012 
I too can't get more than one lotto pick. Every time I try to submit another set of numbers. I'm told game's already been played. I click icon for mobile & get bounced around to closed games. Can't get scratchoff tickets or images for"KNOCK KNOCK"doors or keys for car entries. What's the problem?
Reply to Janet Snyder

Mar 22, 2012 
I have been trying to play lotto for months. I have never been able to do that. To log in is impossible!!!!! Even the email address they send notice to comes up incorect. Forgot your password, is a joke. Asking for a password to reset is totally ignorant! Even my email address comes up invalid. I will try one more time, if this attempt is not successful I will unsubscribe from pch in it's entirety.
Reply to Jess Feragen

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