Publishers Clearing House - PCH is a disappointment

Jun 14, 2011
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I been entering over 30 years and haven't won a penny.As for the winners they show on TV they are paid actors.

Check it out people!!! PCH has lost me as a customer a long time ago. Promises by them you have won, is such a hook and got ya, to buy from them. A-Holes!!!

Yes! Losers us, don't buy *** from them. I am not entering any of their contest ever again.

They are full of themselves and really make good on all their promises.Stand up people and say NO to paying any thing from them.

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Jan 13, 2012

I remember my mother intering many many years ago when I was a child and she NEVER EVER OWN ANYTHING! AND now that I'm an adult in my 40's now and have been entering for years and I have never won anything either,.....BUT WHAT I HAVE NOTICED IS THAT IT'S ONLY THE ELDERLY THAT YOU SEE THAT'S WINNING WITH NICE HOUSES AND IN NICE NEIGHBORHOODS,...I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 50 WIN ANYTHING OR ANYONE FROM A POVERTY STRICKEND AREA!!!!!!.....

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The TRUTH about PCH

Feb 01, 2013

PCH is no longer only in selling junk merchandise. I bought once from them $ 30 something dollars and was *** and broke right off. PCH is in adverting and getting the people to watch the ad videos and they make money for every time the ad plays on a persons computer through their site and when you sign up for something like that credit card through them. They make a lot of money. PCH is making BIG BUCKS and their pay offs rare and cheap. $ 5 Amazon cards that you have spend a lot more on Amazon and PCH profits off it and most likely Amazon is paying the $ 5 and not PCH. PCH= Publishers *** HOLE. Don't get caught in their HOLE.

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Sep 29, 2011

PCH is an outstanding company. SO shut your big fat pie hole and go back downstairs watching FUll House reruns eating your big fat bag of potato chips you big fat *** AND A HALF OF A HOLE

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mike johnson

Aug 16, 2011

they said I won movie tickets never got em

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Chris Irving

Jun 17, 2011

Hello, this is Chris Irving the Assistant Vice President of Consumer Affairs from Publishers Clearing House. I was dissapointed to read the anonomyous posting from the above consumer alleging that somehow the prize awards by our famous Prize Patrol are staged. Nothing could be further from the truth! The winning moments that are broadcast live and then used in our commercials are filmed as they happen. There are no actors in these moments - the faces and screams of joy are from real people who are unaware that they have won until the moment our Prize Patrol shows up with flowers, balloons, champagne and of course that big check!

Since 1967 Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $225 million to consumers from coast to coast. No purchase is ever necessary to enter or win. All of the products we sell are backed by a 100% satisfacation gurantee. We offer a wide range of household consumer products and we are proud to have so many consumers who love what we sell. We hear time and again from customers who value the ease from being able to order from their homes knowing that they can pay in four easy installments and return any item that does not meet thier satisfaction.

If consumers have any question about our famous sweepstakes or need any assitance they can contact our customer service group either online at or toll free at 800-645-9242

All the best from the "House Where Dreams Come True."

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lisa s

Dec 15, 2012 Deckerville, Michigan

Hi my name is Lisa, I have never won anything yet but im not mad about it and i know it is real. people don't understand how many people actually sign up for this site. Its like the lotto its real but what are your chances of winning. So stop complaining and maybe one day you will be the lucky winner. I personally love publishers clearing house and im always gonna stay on there site even if i don't win

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Jun 15, 2011

I agree that their products are of inferior quality and that they can be purchased elsewhere for a fraction of what PCH charges. Some can even be found at a dollar store. With that being said, they are not a scam regarding no one ever winning a prize though. If that were true, then they would have been shut down and prosecuted for fraud many, many years ago. I am sure that you are not the first person to have made that claim over the last 30 years and you are probably not the last. But the fact is, people, very few people in comparison to the millions of entries they receive do win money. The truth is for why you have not won anything is because the odds of winning a prize from PCH are so slim that you have better chances of getting hit by lightening.

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