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Publishers Clearing House - PCH Insunt Bingo

  • by   Mar 08, 2013
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Shopping
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This is *** me off.....I started a new game of instant bingo this Tuesday and been playing every day just fine....AND I KNOW the bonus letters don't expire till Saturday every week.....I log in today (Friday) and it's telling me I DIDNT SUBMIT A LAST CHANCE CARD LAST NIGHT???? The *** I didn't!!!!! Yea and all my letters are gone when I was 3 away from getting all the Jackpot letters.....This is a total waste of time.....and I bet even if I did get all the letters I'd never see my winnings cuz I bet you guys would say there was an error with the browser or come up with some bs. 308ba69

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Mar 28, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
I'm glad that I'm not the only one playing PCH Games and having problems with them. Just reading all this story makes you wonder is PCH a scam? I notice they also like to fill your e-mail with junk mail and you have to search to win? It's all about selling things in my eyes. Thanks friends for the information.
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