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Publishers Clearing House - Does anyone know of any real person who has yet to win ANYTHING from PCH??

Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Pch Sweepstakes
Location Sealy, Texas
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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Update added by user Nov 17, 2011
Original review posted by user Nov 07, 2011

I used to watch my grandmother and my mother also get so excitied when they would get their PCH swwepstakes in mail to submit.THey always felt they had a chance to win and this would be the time they hit it big.

Of course, NOTHING! Now, i am following along the same path i suppose trying to also win so i can provide and care for my family as so many others wish to do as well. I keep getting emails stating that this could be it, This is your cahnce to win MILLIONS. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who really knows of anyone who had won anything at all or if PCH is just a big pile of lies.

It is so sad that their is so many MILLIONS of people who could really use this money in so many ways and will get their hopes up for nothing. Absolutely nothing!. If this is the case, why is it that someone has not had a investigation done and had them questioned on possibly the world news to let so many know that this is just a scam to get you to buy into products they are advertising, which in return they are getting rich off of. I have said that i am going to play this one LAST sweepstake that a winner will be announced on November 30th 2011.

I am waiting to see what will happen and who is the winner.

If i feel it is not legit, i am thinking about seriously reporting to the Today and also GMA to have the company investigated and to have them to provide proof of real winners.It is time for some REAL WINNERS!!! 306d87a

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Mar 15 
Reply to have more faith

Feb 18  from Winona, Mississippi
So I went to do my lotto and it said I matched a row of numbers over a million on the prize so does that mean I'm rich???
Reply to joey

Feb 05  from Los Angeles, California
P C H is full of baloney. The mail order items they sent out are so cheaply made, like dollar store stuff, and they expect to add s & h to them, plus fees too. How crazy. No one ever wins. In recent months they advertise on tv that a family could win millions of dollars that rolls on over their life and they can even pass it down to their child later on, how weird. How can any business make a claim like that when they don't even know for sure that they will continue to have a business. Also, where would they get that much money to give away repeatedly over time ? How silly. :x
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Oct 17, 2013 
It's real. Some guy in the city I work in won the $5000 a week for life. He lived in a trailer park and now his trailer is for sale lol. White city, oregon. Small town too. Good luck to you all!
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Feb 05  from Los Angeles, California
If he " won" then I bet PCH is using him somehow as part of their scam. I can't believe anyone truly wins anything. Never known of anyone personally or heard of it announced on tv that any anonymous person ever won.
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Aug 18, 2013  from New York City, New York
What is the lucky state ?
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Jul 21, 2013  from Cincinnati, Ohio
I'm with you on thinking it is totally rigged. Those people PCH shows up on the doorstep with cameras claiming they are winners are likely paid actors. Same goes for any of the state/national lotteries. Like you said, the people who do allegedly "win" are always actors or millionaires to begin with. Occasionally a large group of factory workers pooling hundreds of dollars to buy lottery tickets every week are portrayed as the winners, but this is most likely another scam to convince the general public that they can in fact win. If I ever win and am proven wrong then I will eat my hat on YouTube & announce my victory to the world.
Your chances of making money are a whole lot better playing online poker than gambling with lotteries and sweepstakes!
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Feb 05 
As for the Lottery, I can confirm that you can win I have won in the past, and I know numerous people who have won.
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Jul 19, 2013  from Tucson, Arizona
I think It's a big scam my grandfather played for years and nothing. The people that supposedly win don't really need the money at all. If they are real or just paid actors! You have a better chance winning the lottery! PCH should be band! :(
Reply to another nonwinner

Jul 10, 2013  from Buffalo, New York
Reply to jzprice

Jul 01, 2013  from Morgantown, West Virginia
Well, it happened again yesterday. The "special early look" did not result in the $5000 a week for life million dollars or whatever they have dreamed up this time, but, again, "only" a million dollars. I have finally figured it out. In order to say "you may already have won," PCH has to choose the "winning" number in advance--so, to keep the sweepstakes going as long as possible, they make sure they do NOT send out the "winning number" until the very end of the sweepstakes time period. This is such a scam!
Reply to Vik

Jun 30, 2013  from Fresno, California
PCH does NOT guarantee that you will win anything if you enter...nor do you have to buy anything to enter. Of course they want you to buy something, so do millions of other people on the internet...that doesn't mean you have to do it. Buying will not increase your chances of winning. It's just like the lottery...in that millions, or even billions of people are trying to win...so your odds of actually winning are very small indeed...but just like the lottery there ARE REAL WINNERS, otherwise they would have been closed down years ago. And instead of having to pay for a lottery ticket it is free to enter, although drawings are a lot more spread out. In other words they are not a fraud...but so many people enter that you are far more likely to be struck by lightening than to win a PCH sweepstakes. That in mind it's up to you whether you want to enter or not...I'll keep taking my chances, because it costs me nothing. Also you can unsubscribe from their emails at any time.
Reply to Laura

Jun 26, 2013  from Medford, Oregon
I've been dealing with the multiple daily emails and *** search now to win for over a year now. This morning it told me I had won a $1000 Walmart gift card. I was so excited! When I clicked on the site it said, "Offer no longer available". I'm DONE with them.
Reply to Sandra

May 22, 2013  from San Antonio, Texas
I'm tired of receiving emails from PCH saying I must enter the sweepstakes and the next day I must reply or forfeit my chance too win. This happens over and over again. Once you get on their site, it is difficult to get off. I have also received viruses in my computer from their correspondence. I'm tired of entering sweepstakes and the next day they tell me I must reply or forfeit my chance too win. This happens over and over again. Once you get on their site, it is difficult to get off ALSO if you order item PCH shipping charges are way out of line. Is there a way to put an end to this harassment?
Reply to goldenwds4

Apr 12, 2013  from Greenville, Ohio
It sounds like everyone who complains about pch is the morons who actually by something thinking that's how you win. You can enter for free. Why don't you stop being lazy and just purchase whatever you need from Walmart like the rest of America. If you think you've been screwed by pch then your to *** to win and shouldn't .
Reply to Deek

May 31, 2013  from Humble, Texas
Since you have the answer have you ever won?
Reply to dvanilla

Feb 09, 2013  from Richardson, Texas
Everyone listen to this ok.PCH is a SCAM.PCH want's everyone to make purchase's from them right.But PCH does not know anything about the product's that they are trying to sell.Only once have i purchased somthing from PCH and GUESS WHAT IT DID NOT WORK RIGHT.So i sent an reply back to them and Stated the product that they are selling does not work.Guess what?PCH returned my MONEY TO ME.And i have never purchased anything else from PCH.Sometime's i enter there sweepstake's but actually buy something from PCH NO WAY.I recieve the same e-mail's as everyone else does.But i know better than to spend any MONEY with PCH.PCH is a SCAM TO MAKE MONEY ONLY.Bottom Line.
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Feb 09, 2013  from Buffalo, New York
PCH shipping charges are out of line. I'm tired of entering sweepstakes and the next day they tell me I must reply or forfeit my chance to win. This happens over and over again. Once you get on their site, it is difficult to get off. I have also received viruses in my computer from their correspondence.
Reply to jzprice

Jan 29, 2013  from Wichita Falls, Texas
I agree with all the above. I am 74 yr's old and have consistently entered PCH"s sweepstakes but never win. I also feel some form of leagal guidelines should be put in place to limit mailings which appear to be official document's but infact are not. I do feel this is misrepesentation. I suggest people with the legal knowledge come up with more restricted guidelines to limit this type of mailings.
Reply to Jorjenzo

Jan 26, 2013  from Winter Park, Florida
I think if people stops playing and ACTUALLY took action then they would NOT be ALLOWED to make false statements nor misguide anyone into thinking they have such chance to win. I think someone needs to do a reoprt and send the information online to GMA. I can provide the link and email to someone at GMA if there is enough evidence to be brought up. SO, let's go people and get this started and make them stop giving false hope to so many who actually need or deserve this from so many years of playing. I have been keeping ALL of the emails including the ones that states that i am in a "gold" section where i have more of a chance then others. and if i click continue my chances of winning whatever the prize is will be even more greater but they fail to mention what it would be AFTER i click continue..lol..WHat a freaking joke PCH...and also the lotto they claim to have..so fake and just a way for them to advertise for companies who pay them ..so stop playing these games and hold back from hitting continue for it is a joke. If you are serious about getting them to stop this and wanting something done about it, lets get this together and give me some names and will submit it all to GMA. Let's do it people!!!
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