Publishers Clearing House - Does anyone know of any real person who has yet to win ANYTHING from PCH??

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I used to watch my grandmother and my mother also get so excitied when they would get their PCH swwepstakes in mail to submit.THey always felt they had a chance to win and this would be the time they hit it big.

Of course, NOTHING! Now, i am following along the same path i suppose trying to also win so i can provide and care for my family as so many others wish to do as well. I keep getting emails stating that this could be it, This is your cahnce to win MILLIONS. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who really knows of anyone who had won anything at all or if PCH is just a big pile of lies.

It is so sad that their is so many MILLIONS of people who could really use this money in so many ways and will get their hopes up for nothing. Absolutely nothing!. If this is the case, why is it that someone has not had a investigation done and had them questioned on possibly the world news to let so many know that this is just a scam to get you to buy into products they are advertising, which in return they are getting rich off of. I have said that i am going to play this one LAST sweepstake that a winner will be announced on November 30th 2011.

I am waiting to see what will happen and who is the winner.

If i feel it is not legit, i am thinking about seriously reporting to the Today and also GMA to have the company investigated and to have them to provide proof of real winners.It is time for some REAL WINNERS!!!

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Feb 25

Pch always says you don't have to buy products from them but they want send another letter to enter if you don't buy!

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nonbeliever rp

Feb 24

I don't believe that publishers clearing house is truly picking winners everyone I know has entered a billion times and no one has ever won, I think its a scam just to get people to want to buy their junk.

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t b

Feb 20 West Palm Beach, Florida

I won fifty bucks about a month ago. I went to pch slots, played all of them, got my diamonds, then when it got to casino I spun like twice and hit fifty bucks. They sent me a check like a week later. Me and my neighbor went out to a bar and played darts and drank beer. :) Yling Ling i think it was...good stuff. :)

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Feb 16

My son won $10.00 last week

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Feb 15 Anchorage, Alaska

I don't know if this Contest is real or not. But I sure could use the win. It may even save my life. If I where too win then I would be able to afford the treatments I need to live. So I'm hopping on Feb 27 2015 the PCH TEAM come to my door to change my life. Truly change and give me life.

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Jan 26 Alliance, Nebraska

i play the games blackjack, bingo, and the other games and never seem to win. i seem to get the same results every day, no win

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Jan 01 Kingston, Pennsylvania

I found a winner in CT that supposedly won a million dollars from PCH. She went in the business of selling jewelry, the only thing was all her stuff was costume jewelry and the payments were spread over 20 years. Do the math.

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Jan 14 Washington, District Of Columbia

I am from Texas ,I use to send the stuff in that they ask for the numbers & all i dont know what u call the stuff just stuff i guess, I sent in the stuff ever year for years then one day I got a letter from them saying if i didnt plan on Buying anything then I could no longer Enter the Contest even though they said no Purchase was necessary but they stopped me from playing any more can they do that

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Skeptical 1017

Nov 05, 2014

I agree, who has ever meet anyone that won the prize. If they have been giving away this money for such a long time, why do we never see the prize patrol van ever....or hear of anyone stating that they won. I would believe it, if I seen it actually on the news or in the paper. But for some reason, nothing...and the news some time is pretty stale. Think of all the people that would actually fill out all that BS, instead of filing it in the garbage. Just saying

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Oct 02, 2014

This is really annoying. I have won one of their small prizes. Its kind of like saying the lotto is a scam because you don't know the winners. Pch odds on grand prize is over a billion to one. Its in there rules

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Skeptical 1017

Nov 05, 2014

Really, even the lottery winners get a spot on the news....and that is like picking a needle out of a haystack. But your telling me that a person who just won PCH is not going to become a celebrity over night, yet for some reason this person is always in hiding. Just asking for some proof. Noting more or noting less.

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Dec 16, 2014

I'm 63. My mother used to get the PCH entry in the mail and ordered all her magazines from there. My sister and I used to tear the little magazine tickets apart and stick them on my mother's magazine order form. Then, when I got a computer I began doing PCH entries. I think that was back in 1996.Currently PCH sends me email entries claiming I am "a valued member." I won two Fandango movie tickets back in the late 90s. TWO major problems...First in order to claim the tickets, I had to print the tickets out. Uh, no printer. Secondly, even if I did have a printer, none of the movie theaters in my area accepted Fandango movie tickets. As far as I know the theaters still do not accept Fandango tickets.

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Feb 22 Florida, United States

Well, in FL, the winners of the Lotto are posted on the Lotto website. So, you can see who won, their first name(s) and what area of the state they live in. So, there is some reality set in with lotto winners here. And I do believe that in order to claim it, you do have to provide some sort of "proof" for public review. Afterall, you are winning public money. But you NEVER see Prize Patrol or their winners except maybe back in the late 80's early 90's they had some fake TV ads with actors. I personally think its BS because there is NO ONE and NO PROOF that anyone wins this stuff.

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Oct 01, 2014

Although I have not won, Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes is legitimate. That is one of the reasons, they started video taping the winners back in the 1980's.
They also announce some winners on NBC
The odds of hitting the Big $Million$ Dollar Prizes are worse than hitting the Mega Millions Lottery, which is 259 Million to One.
People make negative comments about PCH hoping they will read it and then make them win the Big Prize just to prove to them, that it's real.

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Skeptical 1017

Nov 05, 2014

I dont think that people are thinking that if they criticize a company that they are automatically going to become the big Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes winner. But every time some random person wins the Mega Millions Lottery that person gets some kind of recognition. Why do we not see the Sweepstakes winner get any kind of recognition-Just saying. Even though I want to believe my inner hunch tells me this winner is not existent. You mention that they announced some winners on NBC-was this back when Ed Mcman was the sponsor?

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Aug 26, 2014

Yeah exactly,they show people receiving the big check,balloons etc..Nobody has said the phrase... give us an actual recent winner's full name and address,phone # so a reporter can get the truth.

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Aug 13, 2014 Los Angeles, California

Ditto? I don't think anyone has won since Ed McMann died, that paid for the funeral.

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Aug 13, 2014 Los Angeles, California

So true. Waste of time. Also the Token's, what are they good for? Points?

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Aug 13, 2014 Brigham City, Utah

You can view a wealth of infor about PCH on they have been sued for consumer abuse in all 50 states, however they have infact proven that they have in fact given away 240million dollars worth of prizes and they post names and cities of the winners regularly, I am in Utah and just this year I have won multiple gift cards, a $500 DOLLAR CHECK ON A MAILED IN SCRATCH CARD AND A $100.00 CHECK ON AN ONLINE SLOT GAME. It may never make you rich for that you must be very lucky, however a little persistence can make you a few bucks.

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