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Publishers Clearing House
Main address: 382 Channel Drive 11050 Port Washington New York
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  • Sep 17
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Internet Scam
  • 27

PCH states on their web site that they never require you to pay any sort of fee to collect your winnings. So I'm sure those who've posted here that they were asked to send money, purchase something, etc., to receive their winnings from PCH were being scammed by some *** artist *** bag criminal, and not contacted by PCH. The Internet/web is full of scam artists. Watch what you click. Never give... Read more

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  • Sep 01
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Street, England
  • Winning Fraud
  • 84

My 87 year old step-dad DID "win" $1,000 from PCH earlier this year, but it didn't begin to cover the checks he has written over the past 2 years for *** that could have been purchased at the Dollar Store! He is adamant that he is going to win the $1,000,000 prize because the "head guy" calls him to verify his address! This has truly become a scam over the years, and from what I read here,... Read more

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My name vince coleman i scratched. Off ticket from pch value. 35.000Dollar i made copy an mail it in weeks ago. Ihave heard from. Pch. About my. Money my paper work say intent. Winner i want my money Add comment

PCH should be investagated. They are a scam. They try to tell people they have won might have won ...we are comming to your area ... and a whole lot of other lies. And you can buy things at a store cheaper than from them. And you don't have to pay shipping. So don't send me any more of your BS !! Add comment


  • Aug 27
  • Ex Employees
  • Online Employment
  • 1
  • 1
  • 50

Much like many of the other reviews here, don't waste your time playing ANY games because you WILL NOT WIN, i cant say for sure if the 10,000 a week for life is a scam though, so in my personal opinion i would probably continue to enter into that sweepstake at least(and ONLY that one....) but i'm now only playing the games to pass the time since they are fun at least (i seriously believe that the... Read more

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Tel 8765445528. Received call saying wife won money. We needed to send two hundred to collect winnings. Sounds like a scam. Wife phone 2527146352. Add comment


  • Aug 20
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Untrue Message
  • 77

Hi my name is evelyn willacker danielle lam pch left me nasty messages on my facebook message and I am very angry with danielle lam pch for lieing to me and getting my hopes up high thinking that that I won the sweepstake for being on the facebook she even told me that I won the big money for life and then she lied to me and she called me a big loser and that I didnt win not thing at all she... Read more

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Hi my name is evelyn and I was told by DANIELLE LAM PCH that I was randomly selected to win the sweepstake and then danielle lam told me that I needed to buy a money pack to get a confirmation cold so that I could win my money and prize and I told danielle lam pch that im not buying no money pak or im not sending them no money at all and im not making a loan at all Add comment


  • Aug 20
  • Other
  • Sale Practices
  • 72

Just for the fun of it I entered drawing number 3080 on line. For at least 30 days I have received another email asking me to enter again AND PLEASE PLACE AN ORDER. At the end of five pages of possible merchandise to order is the statement "No order is necessary to win". Several times during the 30 days was a notification saying "confirm NOW or lose your valid entry". I believe this is a SCAM to... Read more

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