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  • Customers like
    • Fun of playing 3
    • All the fun 2
    • Variety of products 1
  • Customers don't like
    • False claims of winning 12
    • Getting no response to my emails 7
    • Too many confusing games and no help 5
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My Name is Ricky Mayes i also played the bean bag toss 7/10/16 the bag did in fact go into the hold so where is my money i dont believe that pch wound deceive please pch responde let me know how soon will i receveide my cash Read more

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My name is Rick i also won the bean bag toss the bag did go in the hold so where ls the money

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I've been *** enough to believe in this lunicy for 20 years, and haven't won a dime. IT'S A SCAM. PCH IS A SCAM

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Just so you who reads this know. I have been playing PCH games and entering ALL the sweepstakes year after year, month after month, and have nothing to show for it. I currently have 70,000,000 lifetime tokens. I am considered one of the highest members for them in terms of gem status, and have won NOTHING, not even a dollar. I have finally figured out how they run there business, or at least a little bit. Please, unless you have time to waste,... Read more

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I have been entering this contest daily for months. I saw an article that said that this contest was for 2014 only. Is this true? then what is current? I receive about 10-12 e-mails a day to enter different contest/games. Now I don't even know what contest I have entered. It is frustrating to know that all the time I have spent is for not. Is there a way to determine how many times I have entered, and for what specific prize? If I enter a... Read more

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With PCH it is all about the money. Some of the products they sell are not worth a cent. They brake easily or do not work at all. I did two return to sender with unopened boxes and NEVER got a credit of $48.00 charge. There is no phone number to call to make a complaint and they keep sending you emails even when you don't reply Why has the government not stopped them from taking advantage of people I am ashamed of myself for even showing... Read more

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Hi my name is Violet Brown. I am sick of tried of PCH scamming people. You people are mentally insane and need help. Who does this and get away with it for so long. I hope someone patrol PCH and shut you down. I hate y'all PCH.

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One of my family member was deceived into thinking she had won. You PCH have no tack about your company. How do you people sleep at night,knowing and willingly steal people emotions. If at all possible i wish that someone would do the same thing to one of your children or a close family member. Karma has no deadline PCH people.Wake up PCH and quit fooling around with people emotions

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PCH is trifling, ghetto,trailer trash, no good for nothing Danielle. You should be ashamed of your trifling self danielle. Go and sit your low life fake *** down somewhere and stay out of people emotions and their pocket book & wallets you stink piece of vomit.

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Why have the dates changed to Aug 31? If you play all the games every date including watching all of the ads, you will spend four or more hrs playing games. I only when tokens that I redeem for gift cards that I never win.

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