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Hi. I matched the card mega money madness on March 12 + the lucky number. Also, I matched 7 numbers + lucky number "million dollar..." On April 23. Please let me know what is going on. Thank you. Michal Ravid. Email: Add comment

I,Like thousands of people have been responding to every Email from pch trying to make it seem that I will have all these chances to win all these different monetary prizes if I respond by the deadline,And if I play all these games,search,I have over 5 million tokens,And have tried to redeem them, But have had no luck with any prizes, I think it's not fair to give false hope to all the gullible people that waste all their time for this false... Read more

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& i thought it was just me I've been told the samething & ur rgt they need 2 just tell people u ddn't win & stop giving people false hope & having them thinking they won when they know *** well that the person they say won really ddn't bcuz they will pick some1 from somewhere else & I'm so tired of them saying how many people from nj won there sweepstakes knowing that's a lie & ev'ry time u turn around ur getting a new set of numbers instead of... Read more

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I've received notification of being randomly chosen but it is by their generated system as winner and I've had popped up versions of winning instant and have yet to be claimed because of the difficulties with Add comment

They said that I can pay in payments of 4.95 a month and all at once they send me a bill wanting all at once this *** me off and i want me name removed never to connect me again you and I know after 45 years playing this I would have won something at least a 100 dollars so it is a scam and now i know for sure No lies from you and no more you can win *** knowing that will never happen I just wish I had never started this i knew all along it was a... Read more

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They are clearly funny . yes they say you are winning (really if you read you have a chance) meaning you are not winning nothing just shop! Very irritating yes and confusing. I started pch at 18 and I'm 52 now never won a thing except for several months ago I gave my opinion of their scam and got a $10 check lol lol. They do too much as far as games and searches and mail and false claims they would do better just to be honest and stop all the... Read more

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I am 71 years old. A Vietnam Veteran. Played youe "games" since 1979. Ordered many many products. Right now I have 4.4 million Tokens. I have been informed that I am so close winning your Grand Prize, more times than you can imagine. To date, almosr 40 years since I have been playing... I have N E V E R been awarded a penny. Never been sent a trinket or prize. Never been told by your Contest Mongers..."Thank you for being a Loyal Customer... Read more

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Pch is a bunch of b******** all other pch entries are clear on how to enter for a chance to win prize values, as regards to the pch scratch off card games, they are misleading and doesn't make sense? Normally concerning other scratch off card game plays after revealing 3 matches of a prize value, the winner is a winner in other games besides pch so far as i know, but pch revealing 3 matches for a money win from the scratch off cards only... Read more

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On April 9th, 2016 I played Bean Bag Toss. My bean bag was color Purple and it went INTO the HOLE. The prize for this is $1,000.00. I need to know when will I receive the check. Called Customer Service at 800-476-4724. Spoke to Supervisor Elizabeth employee @ 129. She refused to give me her last name. She said it was NOT and Instant game. But it IS and Instant Game as it is posted on the game page. I then researched the maker of Bean Bag Toss... Read more

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Total scam. The winners on tv are pod people they made in a Lab pch sucks pch sucks pch sucks pch sucks they suck they lys they steal they never pay out they suck they lyc they steal they r the biggest scam on the liberal *** media they suck they suck they steal they r a total rip off the suck they suck have u ever known anyone who as known any one who has ever known anyone who has ever won anything it's all *** a lye all invented to suck money... Read more

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