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Ret-mil-vet, entered 8-drawings-Oct 2013…ordered merchandise, fully-paid w/8-bank m.o. (receipts, Env#on memo)! However, Nov 2013, PCH sent me letter saying they took me OUT of drawings, because I had not paid for the orders. (have PCH-ltr & cleared m.o.) Called PCH, who said "customers normally waited 2B billed". Proved paid, asked 2B placed back into drawing. PCH said, "No". Then I got... Read more

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Jenniffer that I lost 2,532,115 tokens and gold status I would appreciated that get back on the 2,532,115 on the Gold status. It is rediculous when you out on the level that you was, becuase simply you was force technicaly. As the issues says that acount slready exist, it is very confusing and rediculous. It is better when your original email is accepted. When your original email is accepted, you... Read more

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I have bought 2 different plants from PCH and both came in without any directions. They both died within a few days. I followed the normal procedures for planting watering and feeding. I will not order any living plant again!!! Add comment

Jenniffer Holmes that jotting another comment letter just to mention, About any entry is to be glad about. As far as being involved that to have the living decent style that you rather have, being involved the green grass on the other side witj green bushes. Yes would thank God and thank Jesus, and as thanking somebody that is guarantee with promise that I do recieved any needs such as rice and... Read more

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It is Jenniffer Holmes tjat is jotting down another letter. Sometimes when I am on my phone, I noticed that the tecnology does skip or get mix up. As again Yes I got to have the exact email address or password. I got to keep up on the token scores, which was 2,532,115. It was the Gold status. It was not 1,000 token as Bronx status that was finished three or fout months ago. Yes we have becareful... Read more

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It is Jenniffer Holmes that is jotting this that I experienced when I playing on the pick PCH Lottery winning number I putt down my email address with 2000, my token scores was 2,532,115. Which rejected this is rediculous as as far as feelimg that been rejected and out on you token scores. When yoi expected to remaine on the gold level. As when I put down the email address 2020 my token scores... Read more

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Yep. They keep sending tons of mail and e-mail repeating "don't miss out" "just one more step" for contest they have already "chosen" a winner. They make it purposely impossible to understand so you get sucked in. It prays on people's dreams. Truly. The work of the devil. So mad at myself for getting sucked in!!! Add comment

Play and win is no good rank at 2001 only twice went below 1000 play every day I see people getting over 200,000 tokens a day I'm lucky if I get 50,000 and o ply every game I can all those on my e mail and apps I feel it's useless people ranked lower have a much better chance to win if I don't see some movement on my ranking and being able to get more chips done Add comment

A person contacked me and said l won the one in Mich He also wanted mc to pay money for winners a location help me in this matter Marino Gaggini Add comment

My email is can you email me my password Please Thank you. My computer didn't save my password and I forgot it would like to play but don't know password can you seen it to me thank you very much I am waiting ti hear from you as soon as Possible I enjoy playing the game it helps me to get through the day it is fun playing it like I said it helps me to get through the day... Read more

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