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No need to swear or use foul language Bought two satin knee length night gown wore the green one to bed tore down the wbe side seam Add comment

I would like to speak to me collins about a problem with publishers clearing house and not being able to enter sweepstakes when told to by email. If Mr. Collins is such a important person with this company he would at least calls me and not email me due to email problems. He also can check and see I have been member of PCH for a long time I have over 16 million tokens to prove it. My name is Donald McLean At 9130 Louisiana Ave Denham Springs,Louisiana Phone number 2259371960 and if I don't hear from him I will know I have wasted a lot of time... Read more

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I have actually won a thousand dollars. Took pic of screen and nothing. Add comment

I won a $5.00 Amazon card in July and to date (25 Oct.) have not received it. Should it take three months or more to receive a $5.00 award? Very disappointed with the entire site. Token games including are prone to daily freezes when result in the lose of tokens as they are not awarded because of the freeze. Token games play OK for the first time or two but then start to slow down or semi-freeze randomly so there is no chance to ever score a really high score. Not sure if that is intended to protect the current high scores or just a product of... Read more

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PCH did not processed important mailed in entries(even with merchandise order as documented). Mailed through USPS overnight express, signed by their employee, but still did not get processed. They probably threw it in the trash. Especially when it is on an important Winner Selection List. At the end claimed no matching winning number found. Proofs and evidences(pictures and usps receipts sent, their employee signature), plus my publisher clearing house account screenshot can be provided if needed. Waiting for another Class Action... Read more

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I have played FreeLotto Sweepstakes everyday for a few months now and I'm on the Gold level. After I saw your screenshot of you having thev correct numbers and they didn't give you ***,I don't know why I'm wasting my time with them. What is hard for me to believe is that you have the screenshot of a Million dollar Win,and you haven't even gotten a good Lawyer and sued the *** OUT OF THEM! If you see my review of your Comments on FreeLotto Sweepstakes, can you please explain to me why you haven't even started a Law Suit against PCH or... Read more

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It is my opinion that all these so called winners are staged and that there are no real winners. The products that are offered are mostly cheap imported junk. These items can be purchased on line for less than they offer them. They claim that winning does not improve your chances of winning. this to is a lot of nonsense. It is the same old game of trying to get something for nothing. It is like the lottery ,the odds are against you. How can the offer large payouts if they paid out every time. I would call this a sucker game and those of us... Read more

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I recieved a scratch off in the mail from Publishers clearing house and it said i won $40,000. I returned everything and followed all of the rules. Its been over a week now and still nothing. I feel scammed. I am in deep financial trouble and could really use the money. Why havent i heard anything?? Read more

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Publishers Clearing House - They are crooks
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they are doing that same bull *** to me too, tell me that things are half price or 20 30 50 percent off then charge full price,I bought got four solar lights about 8 months ago from phc and 3 already have stopped working , i sent them a msg and all they did was lie, and well sent them a few photos of the discount bs they post in their emails and next i know they sent me a 10 $ check and i bet its phony too, evil, steal from thousands every day, wonder how much they pay the fed govt to let them get away with it Read more

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Pch lotto won't let me play keeps saying apache server error (cookie) please fix problems !!! I'M playing from my cell phone Albert Add comment

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