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  • Customers like
    • Fun of playing 3
    • All the fun 2
    • Variety of products 1
  • Customers don't like
    • False claims of winning 12
    • Getting no response to my emails 7
    • Too many confusing games and no help 5

Why in the *** does PHC sent 30 emails a day and Why the *** do they think people have nothing else to do but screw with them All Day Long. Every MoFo Day. Are they so sure that people aren't doing a FRECKING thing to live their lifes. To enjoy NOT living their life on a phone. I dont mind entering a sweepstakes I just dont want to spent 5 to 6 to 10 hours FRECKING with this POOPOO Every Day !!!!. Its BullPOOPOO ! Read more

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This is the third time that I have paid for each article that I got from PCH immediately. PCH isn't satisfied. PCH always sends me a warning bill that if it isn't paid right away they will turn my bill into a collection agency. PCH must really need the money to steal from customers with their threats.I despise PCH and when they send me their junk mail I don't even open it anymore. I burn it. They are *** because I have requested from them... Read more

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How do I win, I keep searching to confirm my entry but it does not tell me what to search for, fot the 5000 dollars for life sweepstakes, every time I enter it tells me it's the last step but I search and it doesn,t confirm my entry, what am I supposed to search for, this makes it very hard to continue trying to win the sweepstakes. when I do search I have found a page that says publishers clearing house sweepstakes for 5000 dollars a week but... Read more

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i went on this company and they were selling different products for 14.99 i put in that iwanted a flower set . then it pops up they didnt have it.but they would send me the magizines . i wASfurious i told them to cacel it i wanted the things i ordered not a magizine. they pop in with an e mail after i told them i was going to report this to the bb in florida.then they sent me a e mail the flower pots were on there way and a charge for... Read more

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Love the games hate their technical support they owe me tons of tokens and i can't get them to resolve the issue and there are tons of problems with their gaming website

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where has my bingo gone I want to play and can not find it iT JUST WHEN WITH OUT PCH TELLING ANYONE JUST WHAT HAPPEN FOR THEM TO PULL IT I would like to see it back please tell me why you pulled the bingo game hello please at least give a reply about the instantbingo game bingo bingo bingo want it back I sent a note to cusmember service no answer . My name is Mary at poetworld,net a reply would be nice Mary Read more

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I was billed by Publisher's Clearing House for a flashlight that I never ordered, so I called the PCH phone number. An agent came on with no waiting, and assured me that because I never placed the order, I could ignore the bill and keep the flashlight. Hopefully I won't get any more bills. I'm now adding words to bring the total up to 80. word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word... Read more

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These reviews are hilarious! If you feel like it's a waste of time, then don't play. If you think no one ever wins, then don't play. No one is forcing you yo do any of it. Sometimes i play and sometimes I ignore the emails. One way yo deal with all the emails I don't want to open - I just delete them. No big deal. If you get any solicitation for money because you supposedly won, then it is a scam. Says so on their site, read people! Now for... Read more

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Although I have to mull through several pages of ads just to enter the daily sweepstakes, I did find myself ordering a certain product simply because I needed a remedy for a problem and there was a $30.00 bonus gift if I ordered (i) item. Upon checking my bill I found the funds withdrawn and another order's bill which had also been paid, now showing I owed it again. Funds were collected from my card. The bonus gift was not there. I called... Read more

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