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    • Fun of playing 1
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  • Customers don't like
    • False claims of winning 10
    • Getting no response to my emails 5
    • Having to wait 4

I was playing one of the games and its the basketball game will you try to get and hoop I got it into the third hoop and I was told that I should have won and I didn't I need you to call me back and asked me why I did not win the thousand dollars I made the hoop the third coop my name is Victoria Pain831-331-1048 my email Add comment

  • Jul 08
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Ozark, Missouri
  • 1
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  • 30

Publishers clearing house is a bubchvof *** my mom has been dealing with PCH for nearly 25 years she orders their stuff but yet still hasnt won a darn thing we sit here and watchcyour dumb commercials of people winning and they looked like people that have only played for a week im tired of your scams and bs if your for real then pick a winner that truly deserves it Read more

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I thought my #4900 was my numberthen i saw a girl resently won big with the same number. What's up my e-mail is plesse be so kindto tell me the truth Add comment

  • Jul 05
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Pch Games
  • 36

Constant hang-ups right at the end of a sequence of games. They refuse to fix or answer complaints. What a bunch of charlatans! Yes, I know they make money by advertising stuff but they need to be investigated for abuse of senior citizens. Let's start with the claim "you can win this month." Has anyone ever counted the number of months there have been no winners due to their astronomical... Read more

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Recieved alert post card in the mail for chances to win regarding your contest. this has happened twice now with activation numbers partially smeared. Is this what you call being fair and honest. I also had another bad experience with your company in the past. to me, this sounds like false advertisement. Wouldn't you say? sincerely f.j. ketterman Add comment

  • Jul 03
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Roswell, Georgia
  • Pch Email
  • 36

Today July 3,2015 I opened a letter of intent from PCH and received a warning that the site was unsafe and contained links to personal information on my PC. I received a similar message about another email. This makes me very uneasy. I know this is said to be a real honest contest, but I am beginning to wonder if this is true. There is no way to contact PCH to ask questions and trying to send... Read more

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Ive spent the last few years buying things from PCH and havent won a *** thing i am sick of being used, so maybe i will pay my bill, if i draw your winning number!! What a bunch of ***!! Frist the #4900 drawing was june 30th now its Aug 31st. I am unsubscribing to PCH and never ordering another thing from them save yr money and dont get scammed like i did. Add comment

Today they were suppose to give away 2 milliom,10000 a month for life and a car.did not happen they said there was no matching they changed the prize to 1illion.i wasted my time everyday entering for this, im very angry with them Add comment

When I play pch lotto/blackjack.I alocate my tokens.the game will not let me submit my entries to the contests at end of game.l'm loosing alot of good opportunities to win. Please correct the problem, I love the game.thank you Raleigh L. Smith Add comment

I ordered mixing bowls and a wallet. I havent recieved them even though it said it shipped and i was never given an order number to get any of this info. Add comment

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