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PCH is a scam. because no scamer would send u a letter with PCH logo and pch Address on it . and put the right name as the presedent of PCH. if they where scaming u. they would not wont u to send PCH what ever they are scaming u for. but when u call to clam your prize the tell u its to late that day to clam a prize? what that bull if someone call to clam there prize then take the time for that winner. thats your job. so what if u have to work... Read more

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Having problem playing games sign says under construction. Neen help. Bb. Us veteran Add comment

Playing for years, hundreds of hours I play using apple Ipad, it bombs out often. Some of the games take minutes each to enter my saved numbers Many times when I have earned tokens they do not get added to my account I bet millons of tokens have been lost. Some how I ended up with two accounts, wish they would combine them. The promise that some one with my initials will definitely win, I have no idea, I never get notified of a winners What... Read more

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Losing 50 thousand tokens or more daily while using the Play and Win app. Just made Emerald and it was not easy Add comment

I don't owe Publishers clearing house any money. They keep harassing me about a payment. They know that I have paid them. But they keep trying too get money out of me. I want them too stop harassing me. They are angry with me because I wrote them a letter and told them that their products is no good. And it is true. Everything I order from them I have a problem with their merchandise. I am quite sure that I am not the only one experiencing... Read more

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This story is true about publisher clearing house. I ordered a pair of big vision reading glasses from them. They sent me 2 pairs. I called and spoke to Mary. I asked her why did they send me 2 pair of reading glasses. She said that one pair was in the cart that I did not know about and they just sent them anyway. The reading glasses was for 4 payments of $4.99. I asked her how much would the first payment be. She said something like $17.68. I... Read more

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well i won $70/50 once and 20 once both on the instant win cards.. but it was back in 2014.. I played 8 hrs a day 7 days a week and treated it like a second job. The real problem is if you ever order anything from them, they send the merchandise after the guarantee expires...the merchandise is ***...the payment system is rigged so you have to send a check (they add on late fees making a $5 purchase cost over $30 when you include the overpriced... Read more

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I play bingo on here something just not right.II get every letter but the [O] but when the [O] comes up Inever get it it doesn't come spelling JackPot'I got the the[o] all the other letters spell jackpot [O] last letter to get but they never put it in spell jackpot come on people whats going on its wrong.I haven't won a darn thing I had over 7.000.000 tokens how does all these people win but when i play bingo get ever letter but the O does not... Read more

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The antivirus app in my firewall blocks PCHLOTTO as "malware". I checked to make sure it was reporting on the actual PCH site and not on a phony site, and confirmed my antivirus is reporting on the correct PCH site. This is exactly what Trend Micro reports on the PCHLOTTO site: Description: Sites that use scraped or copied content to pollute search engines with redundant and generally unwanted results. Host: MSI-64 (00:21:85:61:D8:3A) URL:... Read more

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I received items that I did not order and sent back...took months for them to get their records straight. Kept sending me letters demanding payment and even called me on phone asking for payment... Told them I returned the merchandise... they could not find any information for about 2+ months... Finally found the merchandise... Just yesterday sent me a note that I had ordered Elvis I Believe. I have called them and they said they had no... Read more

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