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  • Customers like
    • Fun of playing 3
    • All the fun 2
    • Variety of products 1
  • Customers don't like
    • False claims of winning 12
    • Getting no response to my emails 7
    • Too many confusing games and no help 5
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Hi my name ismrs. Rhonda deffley,Jr. We Have a man on my daughters phone he accessed her throught her phone number and he is claiming a $300 be on your sweepstakes winning that she's supposed to have won all this money and a car please to get in touch with me as I have gotten in touch with you there are too many kinds now using the Internet to scam individuals luck tactics is one the FBI will be searching out they took my daughter for $300 and... Read more

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One thing i do believe in is God........ So my blessing will come soon, that's my truth. Pch i hope to see you soon Carol Horton, chiefland,fla 32644

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Why is everyone saying bad things about pch. Is it really true, I have been playing everday and haven't won nothning. One day my blessing will come i have faith......

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First time user, got in the mail. Went to website filled out info and entered contest(s). Since then, everyday I get an email saying "We regret to inform you...." or something to that effect. So I go through all the screens and never order anything and submit. No way I'll give them any credit card info. I'll just ignore any more emails...looks like a big scam to get you to order stuff! I have to enter 80 words so here it isWord word word word... Read more

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I have been with PCH many years, I had never had any problems until now! They claim I stopped making my payments since May of 2015 which is not true I was making payments on what I owe monthly! ! They told me mail in a copy of my money order receipts! I did but yet they say I still owe them. Get this the billing with them keeps raising & lowering! Doesn't make sense right? I am really upset with how they are treating me now! I am very... Read more

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I ordered one thing and they have other things on my account that I did not order and when I called and told them about it they just said I will give you a discount on them and I didn't order them in the first place. Their whole outfit is just a scam

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I have entered since Ed McMayon, and have done so ever since, and have made MANY purcheses, and the only things I have ever gotten are what I payed for. Some 50 years! I no longer believe they give anything away. In that 50 plus years I NEVER met any one that won anything. If one adds up just the $5,000.00 a week for life, that would be an unbelievable amount of money, let alone all the other prizes. All on the trinkets they offer, and much of... Read more

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I am sick of all the emails n 'final step' no one responds...and in all these months i haven't won a penny! Cant reach anyone to complain n get pissed right now!

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I won $100.00 dollars from the online blast prize wheel never received the money after 8 weeks I just gave up. I don't believe anything PCH says.

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I feel pestered by their relentless advertised and unwanted promotional ads in my in box. They don't have anything I'm interested in but the keep pestering me no matter how often I unsubscribe. I've played a couple of their games and find them frustratingly labyrinthine so have been trying to dump them with no success. So how do I get rid of them finally? I can't find a legitimate source to write and complain to, which is also frustrating. I... Read more

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