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I have been dealing with PCH for many years and I have yet to win anything. I don't believe that it is for real. I feel that all they want you to do is subscibe to different things and spend your money. They are about making promises and not coming through on anything that they promise you. Also, they arr geared more to the caucasion people winning. This is my opinion as well as other people opinions. Read more

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I get four and five emails a day from you and I think one or two a month is plenty. And some of the emails are threatening you if you don't do your entry now. Advertising is great but you need to have some sense about it. I I I. I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I o I I I I I I I I I imi Read more

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Mailed entry as requested. Photographed the scratch off card. Have not received anything but the usual weekly letter saying contest entry coming or the actual entry form. Trying contact online no luck. Tried searching for winners found a few you tube videos. They are under scrunity by a number of states don't speak to any consumer groups about there behavior. I to am saddened, could of used the 20,000.00 after 50 per cent tax to pay hospital bills. Get them off my back. My 85 year old father spends hours each week reading and trying to follow... Read more

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When you redeem your tokens, you never get the prize!!The games are the same,you collect all these tokens for what ? What chances?You would think with all the time you waste playing these games that you would win something!!This is complete false advertizing!!Everybody gets those same vegas style e mails,we have all been fooled ,Its a scam!! Add comment

they did the same thing to my mother Back in the 80's and my mom waited waited to hear from them all they did was send her a bill for magazines that she did not order in they do the same thing today to thousands of other people they offer magazine subscriptions and all kinds of things but if a person lives in a small apartment or a apartment at all they do not give them anything all that you've been in the lies if you lived in the house you have a job you have a own a house you are guaranteed to win but if you live in a single apartment you... Read more

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I always play the games and can never win anything!!All the E mails announcing all these (chances) to win all these prizes, and I never win!! I am fed up!! Add comment

In their game Bingo you need to spell out the word JACKPOT to win the money but you NEVER get the letter "O" NEVER!! I have gotten all the other letters many times but NEVER the letter "O" I believe this letter is missing so that you can NOT win in this game. Has anyone else had this trouble while playing BINGO on the PCH site? I would hate to believe that PCH would do this but what else could be the reason for never seeing the letter "O" no matter how many times I play this game the letter "O" is always missing. Read more

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I was on the computer playing last night and you sent me a web page telling me that I am now a gold token winner from silver I went to claim it and there was no response at all from yous it kept warning me if I left the page I would forfit this gold earnings so I left it on all night well wouldn't you know I am back to silver thanks a lot !!!!!!!!! I feel lied to false earnings??????? I have lost my job due to someone else now because of you I lost something again shame on you I don't think you... Read more

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I've been playing pch since 2011, all I get is email after email for entries and games that all I win is tokens. I'm starting to believe it's a waste of time and a scam! Read more

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Previously the previous comments...anyway....I meant they state you don't have to buy products. Also having said the statements I's a ploy to make sales on the subscriptions they are marketing for other companies. If you DO win w/o purchase that Will motivate more participation. I believe the winners they have advertised were probably paid...even the tokens serve no benefit unless you buy something and the token serve toward discounts, nothing free of value...go figure.....This is my opinion since I have seen or... Read more

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