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Heavenly Father, I declare inJesus' name, I am the $10,000,000 winner, plus the $5,000 a week for life winner. Amen Add comment

PCH why do you have no resolution to your complaints. Add comment

I took a chance and register my e-mail info. Because you stated no purchase required. But if I don't order I can't verify my entry # ? So now all I get is a hassel from Pch and all the companies Pch gave my info to. Now I feel Pch are phonies añd I just want to be left alone. Add comment

only have until the 3rd to keep my bingo status only need 2 letters to win jackpot. keep saying error try later. I will keep trying but not sure i have tried for several hours I am disabled and it is hard enough for me to try to win when your poor. Disability income sucks. and being disabled and having a hard enough time sitting here at computer for any length of time is killing me. Please... Read more

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They are the worst scammers i ever seen. They ship stuff and u never receive it. Then the stuff isn't worth the horrior of the backlast. Add comment

I can not redeem 118,850 or so tokens you all will not respond to many people just be legit and give people who go to your site what i we have earned and I am specifically talking about me Name is Stacey barnette Add comment

I have done everything that PCH has asked of me. PCH keeps informing me that I will win any time and for to continue responding and entering. However, nothing happens. Everything that PCH has sent to me via email I have responded to. I know that purchasing items does not help, however, I admit that I have purchased items. However, I think the statements that have indicated that I will win... Read more

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I backed out of playing PCH. I ordered stuff and wouldn't receive it sometimes up to five months. When I received it, it was junk. I always got letters saying I was a runner up for super prizes. And when the winning day came. They will always announce there was not a matching number. So they post up a pic for 2nd drawing contestant with less money to receive. FYI the pics of winners are... Read more

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All you people who play the games to accumulate Tokens, have you ever paid close attention to the Token Leader Board Counts? Well I have and I have done statistical calculations. Anyone with a total greater than 165,000 tokens is getting no less than 2,500 tokens on every single game piece, and those in the 175,000 - 190,000 is getting no less than 2,500 tokens on better than 75% of the... Read more

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I just like to know do y'all contact in person if I won, I hope that dream comes true, I so want to donate most of my winnings one day to the local children's miracle network.. Add comment

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